26 Incredible Feelings That Will Make You Say YEEEEES.

26 Incredible Feelings That Will Make You Say YEEEEES. November 11, 2017

**”I’m so happy, I could kiss you!”** Have you ever smiled at a stranger because you were so damn happy about something amazing that just happened? Conversely, has a “crazy” person ever made you jump out of your skin with their frightening level of energy? Chances are that you or this other person happened to be having one of the best days ever. On my best days, like when I got this job, I usually do a happy dance – this sort of back and forth hip thing that actually looks a bit scary. My older brother smiles awkwardly and rambles on through the night. My girlfriend lifts her dog high up into the air (his eyes bulging in surprise), twirls him ‘round, and suggests we have a celebration dinner. And why not? There are so many things we can celebrate. **Below, you’ll find a list of experiences that spark some of the best feelings in the world. What would you add to the list and what does your happy dance look like?**