Celebrate National Sandwich Day With These 15 Mouth-Watering Sandwiches.

Celebrate National Sandwich Day With These 15 Mouth-Watering Sandwiches. November 3, 2018

Born on November 3, 18th century Earl of Sandwich John Montagu was known for stuffing his dinner in between two slices of bread for a quick bite in between streaks of gambling. That’s why November 3 is designated National Sandwich Day. You can celebrate in a few different ways. Buying a sub and beverage at participating Subway restaurants will get you one free sub. In addition, as part of their #GoodFeedDeed initiative, they’ll match every free sub with a donation to the Feeding America network of food banks. Who said no good ever came from eating a sandwich? McAlister’s Deli, Penn Station East Coast Subs, Schlotzsky’s, and a handful of other shops have their own special offers. Another exciting way to celebrate is to stop at your favorite local sandwich shop. Don’t have one? We’ve included a few favorites below along with some of the nation’s top selling sandwiches. We’ve highlighted everything from the classic chicken cheddar biscuit, a comfort food home run, to the ramen burger, an inventive twist to this staple food. If you’re feeling creative, why not build your own mouthwatering versions?In 2013, Keizo Shimamoto was credited for making the original ramen burger, a combination of his Japanese American culture. The burger is part-LA and part-Tokyo. This creation might not be for everyone but a number of fans have called it “surprisingly good.” What’s in it? With every order, you get a USDA Prime ground beef chuck patty and market fresh vegetables. The sandwich is held together by two ramen buns made from freshly cut noodles. Shimamoto also added his own shoyu glaze to the recipe. Itadakimasu!

At Tokyo Disneyland, you can order a Mickey Handwich featuring your choice of fried or roasted chicken in a steamed bun. A few bloggers called this sandwich a winner for its presentation but for its taste? Not so much. One blogger, Honorable Rat, did enjoy the fried chicken version. Looks like you’ll just have to see for yourself!

We only recommend this one if your heart can take it. Literally. Head to the Loyal Nine in East Cambridge for the Fried Clam and Pig Ear Sandwich (also available as a roll). Feast on Vermont Ossabaw bacon, frisee, fried-whole belly clams battered with IPA, corn meal and corn flour, and a fried egg (optional).

With a name like Aphrodite, you know you’ll fall hard for this sandwich. Imagine this. You’re biting into a grilled cheese sandwich but inside, you discover bites of garlic shrimp, crisp bacon, and fresh tomatoes. Are you in line yet?

You can stop in Los Angeles or Playa del Rey for some locally sourced Asian sandwiches and pho. The Infatuation says that the Beef Curry Banh Mi is “truly special and completely different than any other banh mi you’ve had. It has the just right amount of spice to it and when dipped into the pho, it’s heaven.” According to the same reviewer, it is only available at the Playa location.

All your favorites in one “Big-Ass” sandwich: tender and juicy roast beef, fresh cut French fries, homemade Béchamel cheese, and hot sauce.

Foodheads in Hyde Park is famous for their Gypsy Grove sandwich. Although the sandwich was named after a particular area, there are also some free-spirited elements to it that we associate with the nodamic definition of “gypsy.” In between toasted ciabatta, grilled pork tenderloin, jalapeño relish, Tabasco slaw, thin cuts of ham, and a sunny-side up egg.

Some of the best things are not on the menu. This is true in the case of the “Luther” at ChurchKey. This winning sandwich is only served on Sundays. Once a week, you can sink your teeth into buttermilk fried chicken and applewood smoked bacon in a house-made brioche donut. The oven-baked pecans sprinkled right on top turn this meal into an experience.

Who goes to Maine without indulging in some lobster? Make sure to add the Zety Lemon Lobster Roll from The Galley’s to your “Must Eat” List. Every component of this roll is phenomenal, from the butter-grilled roll to the lemon and pepper topped lobster. It’s been called “earth-shatteringly awesome.”

UNC Chapel Hill students know all about the chicken cheddar biscuit sandwich at Time Out. The chicken is marinated in a Tabasco base for that extra kick before it fried to perfection. You might think that it’s the photo that makes this sandwich look big but reviewers have called it “massive” (and also “phenomenal.”)

You didn’t think we’d go through this list without a Dalessandro’s cheesesteak, did you? It’s been rated among the top cheesesteaks in Philadelphia by some of the toughest critics. Serious Eats writes, “The meat at Dalessandro’s is the real prize—it’s actually juicy enough to send rivulets running down your hands and chin, and the roll hits just the right balance of chewy and soft.”

Not much to say here. DiNic’s Roast Pork, made with sharp provolone, broccoli rabe, and a touch of gravy, has been called the “Best Sandwich in America” by the Travel Channel.

Michelle Faedo’s On The Go has been named home of the “Best Cuban Sandwich in Tampa.” If you’ve never been impressed by a food truck before, give Faedo’s a shot. What’s in it for you? Honey ham, roasted pork, homemade pickles, and fresh bread from the La Segunda bakery.

Calling all vegans! There’s something very special here for you too. The Candle Café’s Cajun Seitan Sandwich has the perfect amount of fire and spice, avocado, kale, red onion, and dairy-free aioli, served in between two pieces of fragrant focaccia bread.

Looking for something that’s both sweet and savory? Adventurous eaters have also called the Fried Chicken and Waffle Sandwich from Coolhaus “surprisingly good.” According to reviews, you can personalize the dessert. Shauna G. recently wrote on Yelp, “Settled on the Fried Chicken & Maple Waffle with a Cocoa Pebbles and Marbled Rye cookie. On the side, because I was a bit non-committal about the flavor combo. “But let me tell you the Chicken Maple Waffle situation with the Cocoa Pebbles cookie was the winning combo. So winning that I bought a Fried Chicken Chocolate Caramel bar to take home.”