30 Best Friend Tattoos That Are Actually AWESOME.

30 Best Friend Tattoos That Are Actually AWESOME. May 8, 2018

Having a best friend is one of the closest bonds you’ll ever have — very much similar to a bond you may feel towards family. This person is special. You can always count on each other for comfort, love, and fun. You have each other to lean on and always will. You can spend the rest of your lives with each other and love every single moment of it. Having such a special bond like that, sometimes people like to get something as a permanent symbolization of their friendship. And by permanent, we mean ink. Every best-friendship is special and unique in its own way, meaning every best friend tattoo is also unique as it represents the friendship. Take a look below at some of the most creative matching tattoos best friends have gotten. Maybe you’ll spark up some new ink ideas with your best friend(s).

The perfect quote for long distance friendships that remain strong no matter what.

I can hear the theme song now.

One is of a bear and the other is of a mountain lion.