Woman Buys Nearly Dead Fish From Store And Changes His Life.

Woman Buys Nearly Dead Fish From Store And Changes His Life. March 19, 2020

If someone told you that your whole world was limited to a small cup of water and that you’d been essentially shelved behind other betta fish that are in better shape than you, you’d probably fall apart. Well, that’s exactly how one betta fish felt when it seemed like no one in the world was left to really care about him. To add insult to injury, he started to look as bad as he felt emotionally and was practically dissolving before no one’s eyes, because no one was looking. It seemed like a sure thing that he was going to go belly up any day now, but then, a human walked into Walmart, noticed him and changed his life when he took him in.He was placed in some remote corner while Walmart employees placed his healthier looking brethren at the front so customers would buy them. Naturally, he felt like he had been abandoned by humanity and was starting to disintegrate.

His color had started to fade and parts of him were actually starting to rot and fall off. Naturally, the fish would just swim towards the bottom as if he was resigned to his fate that his soul would be swimming in that big ocean in the sky.

When Victoria Schild walked into Walmart, she hadn’t planned to buy a fish or any pet for that matter. But then she saw the poor betta fish in the worst condition ever her heart went out to him.

She felt horribly sad for the fish and then realized that he would probably die that same night if she didn’t help him out. Unwilling to let him rot away, she decided to adopt him and give him a new lease on life.

She was certain that the fish would die anyway. Despite her initial fears, she didn’t give up trying, and eventually, his condition began showing signs of gradual improvement. The fish slowly started to explore his new surroundings.

It occurred to her that clean, warm water, as well as medicine and some TLC was just what he needed, and she was right. In less than no time, the fish started to look healthier and his fins were starting to heal.

His tail, which was practically gone, had finally started to regrow. Schild not only noticed that her fish had recovered, but that he was in fact, quite a stunning looking fish now that he was back to full health.

Now that he had revealed his true colors, Schild named him Argo as a testament to his fins, which look like sails. She considers Argo to be an amazing fish with a strong will to live. Now the two of them are inseparable ever since their friendship allowed him to become the fish he was always meant to be.