Biddy Went On A Most Excellent Adventure… And Took His Human Along For The Ride.

Biddy Went On A Most Excellent Adventure… And Took His Human Along For The Ride. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Maybe you can’t get away for a vacation, or maybe you’re just so wrapped up in your work that you can’t imagine taking some time for yourself. If this sounds like you, take a look at these pictures – when you’re finished, work up the courage to say to yourself, **”Biddy the Hedgehog is having more fun then me.”**

Biddy is pygmy hedgehog who travels all over the country. He’s four years old (that’s a hedgehog middle-aged), and he’s just trying to live his best life.

Biddy doesn’t let anything hold him back from seeing what the world has to offer.

Biddy prides himself on taking a vigorous bite out of life.

He has gone to hundreds of places, and nothing is going to slow him down.

Sometimes, Biddy has to travel covertly – Hedgehogs aren’t allowed to cross California state borders, but don’t think that stopped him or a second.

Sometimes, Biddy likes to become one with nature.

Other times, he just likes to blend into the city and do what city-dwellers do.

Sometimes, he just likes to act like a typical tourist, striking poses for the camera.

For Biddy, travel is a time to decompress and reconnect with your spiritual side.

Taking long walks on the beach isn’t so bad, either.

Biddy’s best advice to you is to push in your desk chair, take off your tie, and seize the day.

Just look at him, in all of his centered, triumphant glory.

Now, go. Travel, thrive, and flourish. Do as Biddy does. Biddy just wants the best for you.

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