Did A 600lb Woman Really Just Give Birth To A 40lb Baby?

Did A 600lb Woman Really Just Give Birth To A 40lb Baby? October 21, 2018

Seeing is believing. With the power of the internet, each story seems to be bigger and more dramatic than the last one. For curious readers, it is easy to fall for such narratives that serve to be more entertaining than factual. What makes it more difficult to follow the trail of truth and falsehood, is how these remarkable events occur on the other side of the world. One such account comes all the way from Australia in the city of Perth. This sandy beach area made the online talk when it was reported that a woman had given birth to a baby boy. When the story appeared online, it was shared over 349,000 times on Facebook. Photos were released to prove the authenticity of the report of a 600-pound woman going into delivery.The woman did not have the option to give birth naturally.

Although, at this point they were expecting to deliver triplets or twins at the least.

It is alleged the mother of the baby is single.

The doctor who delivered the baby has reportedly said “I have dealt with other women suffering from obesity before but this birth will stick with me until I die.”

Per the Guinness Book of World Records, the largest baby weighed 22 pounds and was born in Italy in 1955.