Giant Huntsman Spider Traps Queensland Couple In Their Home.

Giant Huntsman Spider Traps Queensland Couple In Their Home. July 26, 2019

As kids, we thought spiders were cool. Some of us had them as pets, others wanted to harness their power to become Spider-Man. You probably even read *Charlotte’s Web* and fell in love with spiders. But at some point in your life, arachnophobia kicked in and those cool spiders turned into something freaky. Now imagine being at home and a spider the size of a dinner plate suddenly showing up uninvited? Is your skin crawling yet?But then so would you if you saw this humongous spider appearing on the glass of your sliding door, almost demanding that you let it in so it can terrorize you from the inside.

Ironically, the huntsman spider that appeared by the glass door was the size of a dinner dish. Maybe it sensed Lauren’s partner’s cooking and decided it wanted to join them for a meal.

However, all that changed when they tried to gently remove it from the glass. That’s when its demeanor went from harmless to dangerous, and the couple freaked out a bit.

But spiders are insidious creatures who can appear pretty much out of nowhere. But despite the fact that they described the huntsman spider as massive and mean, they refused to take its life.

When her Facebook friends saw it, they couldn’t believe their eyes. Fortunately, their appearance makes them frightening, but in retrospect, many spiders aren’t poisonous and they keep the bug population at bay.

Unless, of course, you happen to be working in your yard and you accidentally grab one. Again, most of them aren’t poisonous, but their bites will sting, and no, it won’t turn you into Spider-Man afterwards.

They’re actually, not aggressive at all. They’re considered quite calm, and if you take a closer look, they’re really quite beautiful as they go about their day, taking care of business. So there’s really no need to try and exterminate them.

The spider, which was named Charlotte, was spotted on a broom by the animal rescue shelter, and the people there assured everyone that there’s no reason to be afraid.

Maybe the animal shelter would consider including huntsman spiders to its members of species that they care for and protect. For now it seems that Charlotte will get to live another day.

Just ask a group of Burly British removalists who were left positively horrified when one of these creatures emerged from a shipping container they had been unloading in Surrey.

One claims that it was the size of a guinea pig while another put up a poker card next to it to illustrate the size of the arachnid. No wonder they fled in terror. Most of us would have done the same.

The Huntsman spider measured 6 1/3-inch (16 cm) and surprised zookeepers, who believe that it may very well be one of the largest arachnids found in the country so far.

In most cases, the Huntsman spider isn’t out to get you. It just wants to be your friend and hang out. It could ultimately become man’s new best friend if you gave it a chance and didn’t try to squash it with the sole of your shoe.

They seek peaceful co-existence with their humanoid brothers and sisters, and if you opened your minds and your hearts, you’d see that you don’t have to fear them at all.

They don’t do that as a rule unless you’re bugging them, and that’s pretty much the general rule for any creature. But if they do bite, don’t panic. It’s usually pretty mild and harmless.

All they want is to become your roommates or ride along in your car while you’re driving to work or on a road trip. In essence, they just love spending time with you. Now how can you judge them for that?

Unlike some of their other brethren, the Huntsman spider won’t build spider webs, so your house won’t end up looking like the set on the Addams Family because they’re very clean.

You’re bigger than them. You’re generally not nice and tend to pick on creatures smaller than yourself. So when they see you, they’ll likely run like there’s no tomorrow. Then again, you can always evict them by getting them to crawl into an empty glass and then releasing it outside.

**Don’t be such an arachnophobe and click play, and you’ll see that you have nothing to fear from the misunderstood Huntsman spider.**