See What “The Biggest Loser” From 2008 Looks Like Now!

See What “The Biggest Loser” From 2008 Looks Like Now! December 4, 2019

If you’ve ever felt like you needed something to motivate you to lose some weight and look healthier, then you’re in luck. But it’s not a health product. It’s actually a young man by the name of Sam Rouen. Now let’s go back to 2008 when the third series of Australia’s “The Biggest Loser,” introduced us to Sam. That’s when we met a teen who had been struggling with his weight for most of his life. He wanted a change, and he fought very hard to achieve his goal. Now he’s fighting something else, and you won’t believe how different his life is today.He had his good days and bad days, but all in all, he just wanted to look and feel healthy once again in order to. If you’d told him that ten years later, he’d be taking his shirt off at the beach, he wouldn’t have believed you.

“The Biggest Loser” saw contestants compete to lose as much body weight as possible. The one who lost the most had the best chance to win a cash prize. But the biggest prize came when he lost 71 kilos over the course of the series.

Using his Facebook page, Sam shares how he accomplished a better life since his glory days on the reality TV series that literally changed his life for the better. And, as you can see, he’s now a firefighter, who really needs to put out the fire in our hearts.

Of course, it’s not easy to avoid going unnoticed, and since he’s a firefighter, it was only a matter of times before he started modeling for the New South Wales Firefighters Calendar. The calendar provides funding for research into childhood burns too. So, he not only looks good, but he has a heart too.

On Facebook, he wrote, “Wasn’t sure if I was going to do this post… however, ten years hey. What a time.” But he lost 71 kilos, practically half his body weight. So, showing before-and-after pics like this one just seemed like a great way to celebrate his accomplishment.

As a child, he struggled like most kids with being teased. This gave him a complex, which anyone would have when being bullied. But this allowed him to really go for a change by the time he was 19. It’s safe to say that the “Biggest Loser” was a real game changer.

The muscular man that Sam became was always lying dormant inside of his 19-year-old self. He probably never imagined that he’d wind up going from 154 kilos all the way down to 83 kilos in just 12 weeks on the show.

One thing you always need in order to achieve a shocking transformation like this is emotional support, and Sam admits that he’s been fortunate to have that from his family, who are pictured here, and are undoubtedly proud of him.

Sam was motivated to stay fit, and that meant becoming a gym junkie. To keep his weight and health in check, he’s led a healthy lifestyle, which includes running and working out with his brother. He even considers himself addicted to working out.

He also had to give his diet a complete overhaul, and that included introducing leaner meat and more veggies into his diet. He also prepares his meals in advance, so he knows exactly what portions to eat to avoid going overboard.

Despite the huge change we all see on the outside, Sam admits that he’s still a bit self-conscious about his appearance on the inside. In fact, he’s very shy about taking his shirt off at the beach. But he sure could have fooled us with these photos.

We’re sure that Sam’s 19-year-old self would have never imagined himself modeling shirtless with a cute dog in his bare muscular arms. It just comes to show you what a lot of hard work and dedication can do for you when you set your mind to it.

Today, you can see how he’s managed to turn his life around and fulfilled his dreams. He not only has a great job saving lives, and giving women heart palpitations on the firefighter calendar, but he also found love with his girlfriend Daniella Schot, who he’s engaged to. May they live happily ever after.