This Pilot Takes To The Skies With Flocks Of Birds.

This Pilot Takes To The Skies With Flocks Of Birds. January 6, 2020

As it looks right now, our Earth and its inhabitants are in danger. Our oceans are dirty, our forests are diminishing, and our animals are slowly dying off. It definitely goes without saying that we all need to be doing our part to help out our beautiful planet. This former meteorologist spends his days doing something he not only loves but feels compelled to do. Keep reading to see how this one man is making a difference and get ready to feel inspired!Moullec knew he needed to help. After being inspired by Austrian zoologist Konrad Lorenz, who was known as “the man who walked with geese,” Moullec created a two-seater ultralight aircraft.

At first, Moullec had a pretty difficult time. The birds just didn’t want to follow him, but eventually, they joined his flight.

In the months between March and October, Moullec takes visitors up to fly with the birds. Some of his guests have even taken fifteen-hour plane flights in order to experience this adventure with Moullec.

They get to see all kinds of different birds. They also get to take in the incredible views of castles, bridges, and mountains.

Not only does Moullec consider his flights a “spiritual experience”, he also considers it an opportunity to “testify about the disappearance of migratory birds in Europe, because of the use of chemicals in agriculture.”

Moullec’s flights have inspired him to have a huge respect for nature. Watch this video and maybe it will inspire you, as well!