Check Out The World’s First Five-Star Bird Nest.

Check Out The World’s First Five-Star Bird Nest. October 13, 2019

If every fiber of your being is hollering at you to take a break and go on vacation, then head on down to Kenya and enjoy a safari adventure. Not only will you get to have the best experience that Africa has to offer, but you’ll get the ultimate vacation retreat that’s literally for the birds. The Segera region lies between Mount Kenya just to the east and on the west, you’ll find the magnificent Great Rift Valley. But you might not want to leave your room when you see what Segera Retreat and Nay Palad have come up with the provide you with the most incredible sleep-out retreat ever.It’s built right smack in the middle of Laikipia, one of Kenya’s most popular and sought-after safari locales. But don’t be surprised if a bird swoops in and sits on the giant bird’s nest above your head.

It comes complete with a king-sized bed, plenty of pillows and lanterns for when the sun goes down. But the 360-degree cylindrical design also allows you to witness the most amazing view of the wilderness.

Aside from farmed wood, tree branches have been interwoven to provide the tremendous look of a giant nest. So, why not sleep on the top or at least do a bit of sunbathing during the day and stargazing in the evening?

As a guest, you can enjoy the beauty of the wilderness from the top deck, aka the Nest. Who knows, you might even catch the refurbished biplane seen in the movie “Out Of Africa” flying around.

The nest was built near a river, which is perfect if you’re looking to take some photos of the natural wildlife here. The river tends to attract elephants and giraffes to this location, which every nature lover will love.

There’s something almost ethereal about the mist below the mountains cover the trees in the coolest safari region of Laikipia. It will really knock your socks off, but make sure to bring a camera so you can take lots of photos.

Aside from comfort, the resort also provides a type of lodging that’ a bit more traditional, but nonetheless, luxurious and extremely satisfying It also comes with a fully functional restroom and solar-heated water.

The whole bird’s nest experience will set you back $1,150.78, but it’s worth every penny. And yes, that includes champagne and food, and a picnic breakfast on your doorstep. What more can anyone ask for?