You Ride This Bike Lying Down, And It Actually Feels Like You’re Flying.

You Ride This Bike Lying Down, And It Actually Feels Like You’re Flying. October 12, 2018

Bicycles are one of the world’s favorite forms of transportation. It gives your body a great workout and it can take you to work or to the park or just on a leisurely ride. Another reason that many people like them is that they don’t require gas like a vehicle and the bike doesn’t put any kind of emissions into the air. So there are benefits across the board that come with riding a bike and that’s why over 2.5 billion people ride each year. Just like anything else that comes with large numbers, bicycling has its fair share of accidents and mishaps. In 2015 more than 45,000 American’s were hurt while riding their bikes in traffic. That’s just here in the United States. Obviously that number goes up considerably when you include the rest of the world. Inventor John Aldridge has seen enough and has come up with a solution. Aldridge has invented The Bird of Prey bicycle and it’s supposed to eliminate all of those injuries suffered in traffic. As you can see here, instead of sitting up on the bike, the rider will lay down on it. This puts their weight on the hips and arms. Aldridge calls it the fastest and safest bike in the world. It has high speed gears, a low center of gravity and the design helps against wind resistance. It is also impossible to flip over the handlebars and get hurt. That action is one of the largest causes of injuries to riders.

Watch this video to get all of the info you need on this unique bicycle.