If You See This Black Dot, This Is What It Means.

If You See This Black Dot, This Is What It Means. December 22, 2017

Social media was flooded with posts with people drawing black dots on their hands. If you still don’t know, it was a campaign to help people suffering from domestic violence. It was used as an indication from the victim that he or she was suffering from domestic violence and can’t openly ask for help since their abuser might be watching, but that is not all. Here is what you really need to know about the black dot campaign.The motive of the black dot campaign was to help people who were victims of domestic violence.

It was a voice to people who were afraid to speak out.

The dot was a call for help from anyone who noticed it. But there was a flaw in the campaign.

The black dot campaign was started to end domestic violence but instead it put their lives more in danger.

In most cases of domestic violence, the victim is watched by the abuser.

In many cases, these victims face a threat from their abuser.

They have to hide the violence and their scars in order to stay safe. In many cases, when women with children are abused the lives of the children are threatened too.

That is why it is very important to be careful while helping someone who’s fighting domestic violence.

The right way to stop domestic violence is to stay tactful and taking each step with care.

As a helper you should know the consequences of your helping or the details about the situation the victim is in.

And that is where the problem with the back dot campaign started. It wasn’t safe anymore.

Since the campaign become viral, it posed a danger to the victims. Since abuser can also come across the campaign on the internet, he or she would know what the black dot means.

The right way is to call the officials. Contact someone who can actually help. Most people are not even fully aware how to react and thus the black dot on the victim’s hand can be dangerous.

In order to protect yourself and your loved ones, it is very important to stay vigilant if you are a victim of domestic abuse.

The black dot can harm you if your abuser already knows about the campaign.

The idea behind the campaign is flawed since it strives to help the victims of domestic violence secretly so their abuser can’t know.

The problem is that since the social media is flooded with black dots there is a high chance of the abuser already knowing.

Domestic violence is a serious issue and it needs to be stopped.

Many lives depend on the campaigns and using a flawed campaign can be dangerous. Hence new and better ways to deal with the problem should be adopted.

The right way to report domestic violence is contact a loved one and explain the situation.

Anyone who sees the black dot on your hand might react, without knowing the tight procedure so always share with someone you trust.

So the wise decision would be to remove the dot if you have it on your hand.

The campaign was criticized by many people and the reason behind it was justified.

The support against domestic violence is understandable but as a part of the society it is your responsibility to act on the wise decisions.

Keep fighting against domestic violence by raising your voice and standing up to the abuser. But make sure to do it cautiously without putting anyone in danger.