Blood-Soaked Man ‘Possessed By Devil’ Captured In Terrifying Footage.

Blood-Soaked Man ‘Possessed By Devil’ Captured In Terrifying Footage. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Throughout history people have used demonic possessions to describe bizarre, unusual behaviour. This was believed to be the only sound explanation in a world that was filled with superstition and a real fear of anything that was out of the norm. Today we have come to understand there are many things happening in the human mind that can affect how a person acts. People consuming prescription or street drugs, have dangerous and unexplained side affects that alter the way they think and act. Erratic and even scary behaviour can be contributed to many things, but very rarely can it be said it’s actually a demonic possession. Nonetheless, the medical staff at the Miguel Couto Hospital in Brazil were convinced that they were witnessing an evil possession.He had been shot in the face but he was still standing and walking around.

He was pacing back and forth along one of the hospital’s corridor, bent backwards.

Nurses and doctors grew alarmed and refused to go near the man.

It’s estimated that in 2015 alone there were approximately 64, 357 murders which is about 32.4 people for every 100,000.

The medical staff was unable to gather information from the man.

The more agitated and out of control the man reacted, the more terrified the staff became.

An unidentified man in the video began to pray for the wounded man, believing he was possessed by a demon.

“You are not powerful, you are not powerful,” the man can be heard saying.

Brazil’s news network CanalR1, however, says the man was most likely under the effect of drugs.

You can spot in the video that the man trying to pray is using a barrier between him and the man behaving erratically.

It is unclear what the man’s condition is currently or what exactly caused him to react in a way that terrified trained professionals.

->**Watch the video as this man claims to be working for Lucifer.**<-

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