Blorange Is The Hair Trend That’s Going To Take-Over 2017.

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The mix of blond and orange or "blorange" has been dubbed the hair colour of 2017!

2016 was full of fun and colourful hair trends. From mermaid, denim, sunset, to rainbow, all these shades filled our Instagram feeds. At one point, 20 and 30-year-olds went for deep granny grey colour. Some called it the newer, better version from the 90's. It's only January, but 2017 is already making waves with a new trend that is ethereal and fun. This is just the beginning of what is to come. But we have a feeling "blorange" will be hard to dethrone this year.Don't confuse this hue with last year's bellini or rose gold trend. This shade is more soft and feminine.
tomsmithhd / Instagram

Georgia Jagger was the first celebrity to show off the new look.

She dubbed her look on Instagram with a one-word caption "blorange."
georgiamayjagger / Instagram

Celebrity colourist George Papanikolas said this is an easy look to achieve for natural blondes. He says "I formulate a combination of golden-copper Matrix Color Sync and Matrix Color Sync Watercolors in Pink Quartz to get the end result."

"This is a great look for blondes who want a temporary change," Papanikolas says.
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"They usually last about 20 shampoos, which is great if you are nervous about commitment, but high maintenance if you love it and want to maintain it," he explains.

Papanikolas says this shade is complimentary for fair complexions as well as golden skin tones. He does warn "People with red undertones should avoid it."
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Regardless of how long or short your hair is, you can experiment with this look.

Sometimes, the dye appears more red and pink, and others rock it brighter and more yellow. It’s the mixing of different shades that give off the stunning results.
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