Woman Finds Something In Her Blueberry That Will Make You Think Twice About Eating Mindlessly.

Woman Finds Something In Her Blueberry That Will Make You Think Twice About Eating Mindlessly. October 9, 2020

Food safety is a concern for everyone. We don’t want to get food that will make us sick, but no one’s perfect. Even the most dedicated food inspectors miss a few things. So, let this story be a lesson to you. The next time you eat fruits and vegetables, check before you take a bite! You’ll be glad you did.

One morning, a Reddit user was in her kitchen doing what she always did every morning. She was eating a couple of blueberries from a bowl. They were her favorite type of fruit, which is why she ate them all the time. But one morning, she saw something strange in one of her blueberries.

She removed the odd-looking blueberry in order to take a better look. It seemed as though it was split open, and the inside looked pretty funky too. There was an unusual white and fuzzy substance inside the fruit. But she had no idea what on Earth it could be. Have you ever encountered anything this weird in your breakfast?

Most people would have guessed mold, but it wasn’t. Still, she had no clue as to what it was or what it was doing in her breakfast. So, she checked the other blueberries to see if there were any that looked like the one in her hand. It would have made sense since all the blueberries came from the same place. But it was unique.

When she got a better look, she realized that the fuzzy white stuff was like a thread. Obviously, this wasn’t part of the blueberry, so she got a bit worried. It was eerily similar to cotton in every way, even in the way it looked too. But this couldn’t have been pesticide because she bought the berries from the farmer’s market.

Then, she saw what had created this odd phenomenon inside her blueberry. She was so stunned that she literally screamed. It turned out that the white substance wasn’t cotton at all. It was something a whole lot creepier. But not as creepy as the sinister thing responsible for making it. Only then, did she wish it had been cotton!

Something had moved into her blueberry. It was an itsy-bitsy spider, and it didn’t go up the water spout. It crawled into a blueberry and turned it into its home. Naturally, like any homeowner, it decided to redecorate using its spider web! Then she worried she might have eaten other blueberries full of spiders.

She threw the berry across the room. She didn’t care what happened to the spider either! But once she recovered, she picked the blueberry up and pondered what she should do with it. After all, the spider didn’t do anything to her, now did it? So, she decided to give it the freedom it deserved. But she would have to think twice before she would ever put a blueberry in her mouth.

She tried to shake off the icky feeling in her gut. At that point, it became clear that she would have to make a serious change. So, she decided she would always check the fruits she was about to consume before putting them in her mouth. Granted, inspecting every tiny blueberry was going to be a nuisance, but this story could have turned out a whole lot different if she hadn’t been vigilant, wouldn’t you agree?

There are two ugly truths here. One is second-guessing what fruits and vegetables you buy. The second is being turned off to fresh food for life because of this gross incident. So as long as your overall physical and mental health hangs in the balance, you might as well check before you eat!