Have You Ever Noticed THIS When Boarding A Plane? The Reason Why Will Amaze You.

Have You Ever Noticed THIS When Boarding A Plane? The Reason Why Will Amaze You. July 5, 2018

When we board a plane we are probably too excited to notice the small details. Thinking about the destination and the fun-packed itinerary awaiting is at the top of the list rather than why something is designed a certain way. Nonetheless, there is a reason why our planes are designed the way that they are. For example, have you ever wondered why when you board an airplane the entrance door is always on the left hand side? You may not realize it but this small detail has a historical background.There are so many things going on while at the airport; baggage check-in, passport, and tickets. By the time you take a seat, you have probably missed a lot of things.

Ok, not all the planes entry door are on the left, but the majority are. So we had to find out why?

With large aircrafts, its important to keep all the passengers contained in one area.

Steering rudders were built on the right side of the ships which meant Vikings had to port on the left side.

Their voyages took them into exploration, trading, and raiding. Vikings travelled throughout the Scandinavian regions to Greenland, Mediterranean, Africa, and Canada.

This is why boarding of people, animals, and goods was done on the left side.

The most common reason is that most men are right handed, therefore, their swords were held on the left side. The men mounting the horses simply threw their right legs over the mount.

Using the left side began to become the standard for airplanes.

Airplanes are fuelled on the right side of an aircraft. It keeps the crew working separate from passengers boarding. Making the process more stream lined.

Pilots are also able to gauge the wing clearance from the terminal. They have the perfect field of view on the left.

Using the left to connect to the airbridge is easier for the pilots as well since they also sit on the left side of the aircraft.

Although originally baggage was on the left, it was moved on the opposite side when planes grew bigger and the need for more space was required.

While passengers are boarding, cars are pulling on the opposite end to load the baggage. This avoids any possible collision.

Today planes are designed with the cargo hatch on the right.

Passenger meals is delivered onto the plane through the right side as well.

Now if they could only deliver better food.

There is a lot of work going on while you board your plane to get to your destination. Fuelling, baggage, cargo, and food and drinks all need to be loaded and ready for anxious flyers.

It would be chaos and potential accidents if things were not carefully thought and planned out.

Entering the plane on this side keeps people safe from hazardous air and smoke.

Next time you fly, make sure you give the hardworking staff a friendly wave.