15 Times Bollywood Broke A Guinness World Record.

15 Times Bollywood Broke A Guinness World Record. December 14, 2018

When people think of a movie making machine they inevitably always think of Hollywood. Maybe because that’s what most of us know and have grown up with. However, Bollywood is the world’s leading movie maker and it has been for quite some time now. Each year they put out nearly double the amount of movies that Hollywood does and with those numbers come more successes. It makes perfect sense because if you do something nearly twice as much as someone else does you’re bound to be better at it. Hollywood has several entries into the Guinness World Records book but Bollywood has a ton more. Maybe in time Hollywood will catch up but as long as the Indian film industry is doubling the output each year, it seems pretty doubtful that Hollywood will be able to make up the difference anytime soon. With all of those movies coming out each year you just know that they have to have some pretty good actors and actresses available. You’ll learn a lot about several of them here today as well as learning about some of the most successful families and movies of all time in Bollywood. If you are one of those people that likes to learn new things, today will be a great day for you!Asha Bhonsle has recorded over 11,000 solos, duets, and choruses since 1947.

The Kapoors have twenty-four members of their extended family in Bollywood.

Ashok Kumar had leading roles in films for an amazing 63 consecutive years.

Bahubali: The Beginning, put together a poster that measured over 50,000 square feet.

Jagdish Raj played a police inspector in 144 movies. If you’re good at something why change?

Kumar Sanu recorded 28 songs in a single day back in 2013.

Kaho Naa…Pyaar Hai won 92 awards in 2002.

Lalita Pawar was in over 700 movies during her 70 year career.

Paidi Jairaj also had a 70 year career but he was only in about 300 movies.

Sameer Anjaan had written more than 3,500 songs for movies at the end of 2015.

PK had grossed more than 6 .2 billion INR as of January of 2015.

Yaadein, made in 1964, featured Sunil Dutt as a director and producer and the lead actor. He was the only one in the movie making it a true one man show.

Love And God (Kais Aur Laila) took twenty years to make. During production the lead actor and then the producer both died, causing major delays.

Kajol has been in Bollywood for a long time. Her mother, Tanuja, and her aunt, Nutan, also spent many years on screen. Prior to that her grandmother, Shobhana Samarth, was an actress in a number of movies during the 1940’s.

The Indian film industry puts out 800 to 1000 movies per year. Those numbers are almost double what Hollywood puts out annually.