Stray Dog Shoplifts Book About Abandonment, Gets Rescued And Adopted.

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Last year, a video was taken of a dog sneaking into the bookstore at Feevale University in Novo Hamburgo, Brazil.

This book thief didn't care if people were watching him, and he didn't care if he got caught. He needed that book in his life, so he took it. Normally, people get arrested for stealing, but not this guy. Keep reading to find out why!Managing to slip past the cashier, this brave pup made his way to a display of books. After making sure that the coast was clear, the pup grabbed one of the books and proudly trotted out the front doors of the store.
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But, you see, this cute little dog didn’t pick up just any old book in the store.

In fact, the book the stray dog chose was called “The Days of Abandonment.” It goes without saying that the pick he chose was pretty fitting for his situation in life. Before he was able to enjoy his new read, one of the students got the book from the dog and gave it back to the cashier in the bookstore.
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Obviously, the staff in the bookstore wanted to review the security footage.

And sure enough, as soon as they watched the video they could clearly see the dog swipe the book. Finding the whole thing hilarious, the bookstore shared the video on Facebook.
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And they say that crime never pays.

Luckily, a local animal rescue saw the video and decided to take care of the dog. Thanks to this video, and the dog’s sneaky ways, he received a bath, vaccinations, and a foster home.
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