Borderline Ridiculous Photos Taken At The Airport Will Make You LOL.

Borderline Ridiculous Photos Taken At The Airport Will Make You LOL. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

The airport isn’t necessarily the most fun place to be, unless you have VIP status, of course. So, unless you’re kicking it Rockefeller style, the airport is nothing but annoying lines, grumpy security, and less than comfortable waiting areas. In times like these, any kind of laughter is more than welcome, so we’ve gathered this list together for you of the hilarious moments captured in airports.

Touching people without their consent is something that is typically frowned upon, but when it comes to airport security, sometimes it’s in their job description to get touchy while looking for those suspicious items. It would seem that some of the TSA workers don’t mind this part of the job, though, due to the fact that hands have been known to linger on ‘sensitive areas.’ This next picture would make Maverick from Top Gun proud!

While in an area that has a lot of wildlife, planes are at risk of hitting some of our furry friends. Cherry Capital Airport in Traverse City, Michigan came up with a great idea to help prevent this from happening. K-9 Piper is in charge of clearing the runway of any animals that might be occupying space there. How would you feel if you came home from a long vacation to see a prank being played on you at the airport?

While surfing through the internet, it’s pretty easy to find funny ‘welcome home’ signs. Some people could win an award for their creativity, but this husband and two kids would certainly take the gold for the most embarrassing sign. Hopefully that mother just kept walking and pretended she didn’t know them. The next time your plane is being delayed, be patient, there just might be someone holding up the runway!

There are some airports that are so far from society, that polar bears have been seen hanging out on the tarmac. On a runway in Utiqiagvik, Alaska’s northernmost town, an unusual visitor made an appearance. A seal was spotted taking a much-needed break! Animal control had to be called in order to get the lost fella safely off the runway! If your bum has ever gotten sore from sitting too long on a flight, get ready to be jealous.

Denver Airport celebrated May the 4th in true fashion this year by sending off dozens of Stormtroopers and even a Darth Vader to greet impatient travelers. Even their adorable on-site therapy dog was dressed up as the infamous AT-AT! Waiting for a plane to come can make your body feel a bit restless and cramped, so some people like to stretch, or do yoga. But these two brothers have an even better idea!

Waiting for a plane can be quite tiring, so it’s important to keep your mind busy. Some people read a book, or surf the internet, but these brothers have certainly found a very entertaining way to pass the time. These highly trained acrobats like to show off their skills any chance they get, including in the middle of an airport. If you think handstands are weird, wait until you see the next picture!

Imagine getting on your plane and finding out that you’d be sharing the flight with 80 falcons! In the Middle East, some airlines actually allow up to six falcons to be brought on board. But this Saudi prince pulled some feathers and got seats for his entire flock. If you would have no problem flying with birds, maybe you better check out the next picture, because we think you’d choose him to fly with instead!

It’s a well-known fact that penguins can’t fly, but this guy refuses to fall under those standards. He and some of his buddies were rescued from poachers and took a trip from England all the way to South Africa! Everyone on the plane loved their company, even the pilot! Working for TSA may have never crossed your mind, but this next picture might have you rethinking that!

While traveling in Rio for the World Cup, men got a treat when Brazilian model Andress Urach made her way through airport security. Like other travelers, she was in town to see her boyfriend Cristiano Ronaldo play. But it wasn’t just her being there that caught people’s attention. It seems like she forgot how cold airports can get. Maybe next time she’ll remember a sweater. The next time you say bye to a loved one, this airport on Denmark has great advice for you!

Singer Kylie Minogue likes to fill her Instagram with all kinds of interesting things she sees while on tour. While at Aalborg airport in Denmark, she posted a picture of this sign she spotted. It appears that the sign is placed at the drop-off area of the airport, right where people kissed their loved ones good-bye. Guess they were sick of them slowing down traffic! This next picture definitely shows that the city loves their dogs!

The San Diego Airport became the first of its kind when it introduced the first ever “Pet Relief” station in America! It’s located in between the human bathrooms and even comes complete with a fake hydrant, grass, deodorizers, and complimentary poop baggies! Hopefully, it will catch on all across the country! If you’re one of the many people who have had their bags damaged at an airport, this next picture will make you cringe.

This horrible scene can be found at Sacramento International Airport, but don’t worry, it’s an art installation! Artist Brian Goggin created this piece, titled “Samson” that’s made up of luggage from several different decades. It may scream disaster to you, but it’s actually meant to represent the period of time in which air travel has been possible. The next time you’re at a railroad crossing, don’t think about this next picture, or you’ll sure to be terrified!

Winston Churchill Avenue in Gibraltar is a unique road! It intersects with the runway of Gibraltar International Airport! Movable barriers are placed to block the way for motorists when a plane takes off or lands. It’s neat to look at, but it looks like it’s extremely dangerous. Due to the possible danger, the Gibraltar Airport is building a new highway to get rid of this! Have you ever thought about how much manpower it would take to move a full-sized plane?

You’re probably asking yourself why there are all of those little people towing that plane! Honestly, aren’t there machines to do that? This strange sight was the idea of the people behind the TV show Man vs. Beast. These little people actually competed against an elephant to see who could pull the plane the farthest. The elephant won, but why was this even done in the first place?

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