Boy Caught On Camera Knocking Out Girl Who Spat In His Face.

Boy Caught On Camera Knocking Out Girl Who Spat In His Face. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

As parents we teach our sons to never hit a girl. Under no circumstances is it ok to fight a girl in a physical matter. Speak your mind, say what you feel, and stand your ground is what boys are taught. Nonetheless, a lot of girls and women for that matter use that as an excuse to do what they want around guys, including hitting, shoving, slapping, and even spitting. That is when you begin to wonder who is really the aggressor and at what point do guys get a chance to defend themselves? It’s a fine line between respecting women and defending yourself.It appears it took place in a school where of course someone had their mobile phone ready to record the incident.

What preceded the argument is unclear.

Something must have been said or observed.

A teen girl wearing khaki pants and white t-shirt walks over to a teen boy.

She approaches him but changes her mind.

Although he says something to her and giggles to himself.

In the video he says “I’m going to flatten your a**.”

One can assume the teen recording the video is chuckling to himself.

“Go ahead, go ahead,” he says to her.

This prompts the teen to get even closer to him.

At this point she is not backing down.

And spits at his face as well.

At the beginning of the video a girl’s voice can be heard.

One can assume it is the same girl who actually did the spitting.

What is clear is that she threatened to spit at him and did in addition to punching him.

He shouldn’t have punched her but he shouldn’t have taken her disgusting and offensive action.

->**Watch the video of this unfortunate and preventable event.**<-

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