‘Boyfriends Of Instagram’ Are Sharing Images Of Their Servitude.

‘Boyfriends Of Instagram’ Are Sharing Images Of Their Servitude. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Behind every girl’s perfect Instagram photo is a devoted, focused, and exhausted boyfriend. Many boyfriends share this pain. Unfortunately, if you’re dating a girl who is extremely active on social media, there is no way of avoiding this. And if you want to keep her happy, you’re just going to have to improve your photography skills. Some boyfriends will go to ridiculous lengths to capture the perfect shot of their girlfriend. We always see the final photo on the girlfriend’s page, but how about some behind the scenes photos of the boyfriend for once?And you gotta do whatever it takes to fulfill her vision.

Congratulations, you’ve just added the responsibility of being a coat rack to already camera man.

“Mine will be different from the others!”

If she’s getting low, you’re getting lower.

Now that’s a good boyfriend photographer. You can’t just be able to click a button, you gotta have the creative eye as well.

Who needs a squat rack when you’re already doing hundreds of squats while getting the right angle with the camera.

Sorry girl, you gotta pay the full amount no matter how long you have the surfboard for.

Oh yeah, the girls are doing well at acting natural as well.

It’s ok for her to post a photo in her bikini, right?

How else is it going to look like she’s holding the building!

But why is he taking the photo over his head like that?

Oh and I guess a man who will do do everything for you as well.

A man who doesn’t mind taking a photo of his girl showing off her assets is a man with confidence.

Are they really playing a game of golf?

In fact, this photo probably came out quite nice.

“Don’t bother getting up, it’s my turn next.”

So who’s the kid sitting there next to you guys?

Wonder what they did before social media existed.

Hold on a minute, is that a boyfriend or a stalker?

And he’s doing a great job at capturing it.

Just how many girlfriends are you trying to catch on camera?

I wonder who’s having a harder time.

Minus points for including yourself into the photo.

But nope, just another photographer pose.

Don’t worry, all boyfriends feel your pain.

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