Brad Parscale Claims George Conway Is Jealous Of His Wife’s Success.

Brad Parscale Claims George Conway Is Jealous Of His Wife’s Success. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

On Monday night, the campaign manager for President Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign, Brad Parscale, publicly bashed George Conway, stating that the attorney’s consistent criticism of President Trump stems from the jealousy he has of his wife Kellyanne and her success within the Trump administration.

“We all know that @realDonaldTrump turned down Mr. Kellyanne Conway for a job he desperately wanted. He barely worked @TheJusticeDept and was either fired/quit, didn’t want the scrutiny? Now he hurts his wife because he is jealous of her success,” wrote Parscale on Twitter. “POTUS doesn’t even know him!” he continued. Parscale’s comments came soon after Conway claimed that President Trump suffers from some sort of personality disorder earlier on Monday.

According to the textbook, a person with Narcissistic Personality Disorder is characterized as having a “pervasive pattern of grandiosity (in fantasy or behavior, need for admiration, lack of empathy” which typically begins in early adulthood. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders also describes Antisocial Personality Disorder as a “pervasive pattern of disregard for and violation of the rights of others, occurring since age 15.”

The attorney then went on to warn “all Americans,” including Cabinet members and Vice President Mike Pence, to “seriously” think about “Trump’s mental condition and psychological state.” Later that day, Kellyanne Conway, who serves as Trump’s Counselor to the President, explained to the reporters standing outside of the White House that she doesn’t share her husband’s concerns about the president’s mental health.

“No I don’t share those concerns. I have four kids, and I was getting them out of the house this morning before I got here so I didn’t talk to the president about substance, so I may not be up to speed on all of his tweets,” said Kellyanne.

George Conway has received quite a bit of attention this month after he claimed that President Trump wanted to imprison top law enforcement officials, which he predicted would turn the United States into a “banana republic.”

“The president has suggested that members of his own Justice Department should be locked up for investigating the president,” Conway said about special counsel Robert Mueller’s speech at Georgetown Law School about the Russia probe. “Now, if people were to get indicted or not indicted on the basis of whether or not the president likes them, we wouldn’t have a republic. We’d have a banana republic,” he continued.

Apparently, Conway was being considered for the position of Solicitor General, but the job ended up being passed on to Noel Francisco. According to Conway, in the spring of 2017, he was nominated to be the Assistant Attorney General to the head of the Justice Department’s Civil Division, but he apparently turned down the offer in June of 2017.

Last November, Conway, who has been openly critical of President Trump, co-founded an organization with the goal of encouraging conservative lawyers to “speak out” against Trump and his administration. The group, which is called Check and Balances, has a mission statement that reads: “We believe in the rule of law, the power of truth, the independence of the criminal justice system, the imperative of individual rights and the necessity of civil discourse. We believe these principles apply regardless of the party or persons in power.”

Conway has also written several op-eds arguing against some of the things that Trump has done during his presidency, including making Matthew Whitaker the Acting Attorney General, which Conway describes as “illegal” and “unconstitutional.” Trump says Conway’s continued criticism is a scheme to attract “publicity for himself.”

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