Teacher’s Bread Experiment For Her Students Reminds Them To Wash Their Hands.

Teacher’s Bread Experiment For Her Students Reminds Them To Wash Their Hands. September 20, 2019

If you have kids then you know that getting them to cover their mouths when they cough or sneeze is a chore within itself. But getting them to wash their hands before they it is also a challenge. So one teacher decided to mix science with hygiene to get her students to appreciate why it’s important to wash your hands often, and how not doing so can spread germs to others, even food. Using a little creativity, Donna Gill Allen from Gray’s Creek, North Carolina gave her students the ultimate science experiment that was a bit gross but educational too.A teacher by the name of Donna Allen decided to teach her students using three pieces of bread and placed them in three different bags. One bag contained the controlled slice, which involved putting it in the bag with a glove. The second bag had a slice placed there with clean hands. Then the third bag was placed in another bag using dirty hands. Over time, the kids got to see the results of how germs can affect what you eat.

Can you blame them? The slice in the dirty hands bag was looking a bit green from all the mold that the germs produced. You have to give Ms. Allen here some credit. Her technique might have put a few kids off their lunches, but at least they’ve learned a valuable life lesson about hygiene.

Clearly, this little experiment shouldn’t’ be limited to kids, because as adults, we tend to get careless with our hygiene regimen. But germs don’t care how old you are. They’ll just grow and produce spores that will lead to mold and decay. Let’s hope some of the more popular fast food restaurants see this as well, so they remember to wash their hands for the sake of their patrons.