Man Proudly Makes Photoshoot With His Two Pregnant Girlfriends.

Man Proudly Makes Photoshoot With His Two Pregnant Girlfriends. August 14, 2019

Maternity photos are pretty standard. The location may be different but the bump holding, the couple embracing, and the love between the parents-to-be is pretty much the same for everyone. And yet everyone hopes their photos will be magical enough to go viral. A father-to-be wants his photos to be shared and liked by millions. One look at them and you’ll see if they do, it will be for all the wrong reasons.How close their due dates are is unclear. Nonetheless, they are close enough to be able to pose together.

The trio are all dressed in matching white. The women appear friendly with each other.

Aside from pointing out the obvious; a baby is expensive, how will this man manage and afford both of the children?

Perhaps the harsher criticism came for the women. It is one thing to get pregnant by the same man unknowingly but posing with the other woman is twisted.

Although it is not their fault this man was with both of them, the concern lies on the women’s self-esteem to allow this partnership to continue.

While others think this is making this man feel like his behavior is acceptable. The reality is that no one really knows the arrangement between the three.

People online are trying to study and decipher the women’s demeanor. It is hard to accept that these young, beautiful women would be ok with this.

He even takes selfies with the women. They seem to follow whatever he is doing.

The woman on the left asks “hookers, huh?” He jokingly moves away from her. But aside from the comment, her reaction was calm.

Nonetheless, many are pointing out that this is a dysfunctional arrangement. The only to benefit from having two women is the man himself.

The two women laugh off whatever the photographer and their partner asks. Nonetheless, studying the video closer you will notice something.

They tend to avoid eye contact as well. They laugh and look towards each other’s direction without actually looking at one another.

The photographer, Charles Gipson, sets up a photo where the two women are pulling the man, essentially fighting over him.

He also tells the woman on the left to not look so angry. While the video was recording live on Facebook, the soon-to-be father boasted of having 6,000 viewers.

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