Bride Leaves Groom Standing At The Altar, Her Final Move Had Everyone In Tears.

Bride Leaves Groom Standing At The Altar, Her Final Move Had Everyone In Tears. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

There’s a reason they call it “madly in love.” A person in love will do everything in their power to make their special one feel loved. Sometimes, they even put their own needs aside. However, it isn’t all about sacrifice and compromise. Love can help tap into your creativity. And soon enough, you find yourself coming up with the most original and unique ideas to surprise your partner. Being in love with the right person is one of the best feelings in the world. Finding someone who you adore and respect with all your heart and having that feeling reciprocated is priceless. It’s even better when that “someone special” is your best friend. Brittany Winegarner (née Durnil) of Dublin, Ga., found all that in Evan, who she married on June 20, 2015. During their ceremony, she stepped away from him and delivered a surprise that moved everyone in the room. Continue reading for photos and details of that special moment.According to the TJS Deemer Dana LLP website, Dana is an executive assistant and marketing coordinator. She and Evan also coach cheerleading, reports The SF Globe.

She moved mountains with a perfect surprise for her best friend and fiancé. She wanted Evan to remember this day forever. Though most of the wedding was traditional, she added a little twist to their vows.

Brittany and Evan are both passionate about American sign language (ASL), so she decided to “sing” a song with sign language.

She selected the contemporary Christian song “Praise the Lord” by Natalie Grant and Laura Story, which holds a special meaning for the couple. It played an important role in their relationship and meant a lot to both of them. Not only was she doing this to surprise her groom, she also wanted to inspire others to learn ASL.

Brittany consulted with sign language expert Nathan Roberts to perfect certain signs. She was determined to make her surprise a huge success. What a lucky man!

After their rehearsal dinner, she told Evan that there would be some special music, courtesy of a live singer and songwriter at some point during the ceremony. She made sure that everybody was playing along.

Just after saying their vows, Brittany stepped away from the altar smiling and blushing. Evan stood there, mystified by his bride. As the performance progressed, he couldn’t contain himself. The tears came pouring down. After seeing his response, Brittany was certain that all her efforts had paid off.

Planning a wedding is like having another full-time job, which is why we’re so impressed with Brittany. She really went the extra mile! Congratulations to the Winegarners!

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