Bride Was Killed In Helicopter Crash Just Minutes Before Saying ‘I Do’ On Her Wedding.

Bride Was Killed In Helicopter Crash Just Minutes Before Saying ‘I Do’ On Her Wedding. July 10, 2019

Rosemere do Nascimento Silva and Udirley Damasceno had the ultimate wedding day planned. Silva had even gone a step farther in hiring a helicopter to take her to the wedding site. Damasceno had no idea of her plan as she wanted it to be a big surprise when she arrived. When the helicopter crashed short of its destination the bride, her brother, the wedding photographer and the pilot were all killed. The photographer filmed the entire flight and you can see that it was a very foggy day and it was obvious that the passengers had some concerns during the flight. Officials have said that several errors by the pilot led to the crash.Silva had the ultimate entrance planned for the wedding. Unfortunately, things didn’t go as she had planned.

It has been reported that the pilot, Peterson Pinheiro, made critical errors that caused the crash. He was killed with Silva, Silva’s brother and a wedding photographer, who was pregnant.

Neves was in the helicopter with Silva and her brother as they approached the wedding site. The pregnant Neves was also killed in the crash.

The news channel G1 Oficial has released chilling video that was taken moments before the crash. It had been gathered as part of the investigation.

The bride is looking as beautiful as ever as she holds onto her brother’s arm. The entrance was a surprise that Silva hadn’t told her husband to be about.

It was supposed to be a wedding to top all weddings in Brazil. The helicopter never made it to the site however, and four people, including the bride, were killed.

As her husband to be waited at the altar for her arrival, Silva looked out the window of the helicopter, for what were certain to be beautiful views. It had been a dream of Silva’s for many years to arrive at her wedding in a helicopter.

All four passengers in the helicopter died in the crash. The groom was waiting at the altar and had no idea what had taken place.

The helicopter crashed just a few miles away from the wedding site. The wreckage shows it was a tremendous crash.

Rosemere do Nascimento Silva, pictured here with her fiancé Udirley Damasceno, was killed in a tragic helicopter crash en route to her wedding. Udirley was at the altar waiting for his bride to arrive when the crash occurred.

Footage of the crash has been released from inside of the helicopter. Officials are reporting that the pilot made several critical mistakes that contributed to the crash.

Several photographs were taken when the group arrived at the helicopter. Here you can see Silva in her beautiful dress before the trip started.

Tragically, the helicopter crashed several minutes later, killing all four people who were onboard. Officials have said that pilot error caused the crash.

The bride and her brother were killed in the crash. The pilot also died along with the wedding photographer, who was pregnant.

Silva never told her husband to be about the entrance she had planned. It was a complete secret. He had no idea what was supposed to happen.

Before the helicopter lifted off, the photographer had snapped several shots to capture the event. As you would expect, everyone was in a great mood on what was supposed to be a day of dreams come true.

The slick looking helicopter was perfect to bring her to her wedding. It would surely made people’s heads turn and their chins drop. Such good intentions didn’t turn out that way at all.

The helicopter was supposed to land on a soccer field right next to where the wedding was taking place. It crashed just short of its destination.

This picture of the couple was snapped previous to the day’s events. They had planned the perfect wedding, only he didn’t know what she had planned for an entrance.

While he waited at the altar for his bride, the helicopter that was carrying her crashed. He didn’t know what she had planned so he had no idea what was happening as he waited for her to show up at the altar.

**Footage of the entire flight was released by G1. Before you watch however, be forewarned that it is the entire flight and some people may not want to watch the end.**