“Best Bridesmaid Ever” Celebrates Friend’s Anniversary With Photoshoot In 1995 Dress.

“Best Bridesmaid Ever” Celebrates Friend’s Anniversary With Photoshoot In 1995 Dress. November 16, 2020

There’s an upside and a downside to being asked to be a bridesmaid. The upside is that someone bothered to ask you, so you’re not a social outcast (Yay! Good for you!). But the downside is that only one gal gets to shine at the wedding, and that’s the bride. So, no matter how good of a friend you think she is, she’ll never let you wear something that makes you look better than she does. But Tammi Sauer never intended to set her bridesmaids up when she picked their dresses. But while the other bridesmaids might be a little ticked off, one of them decided to turn a horrific design pattern into a hilarious photo op.She’s a children’s book author from Edmond, Oklahoma. She’s been married for 22 years to Ron, who was her prom date. And she’s also a mother. It seems like all the pieces in her life came together perfectly.

There’s no better way to honor the vows one has made than by sharing the moment were it all started. So, she decided that she was going to post some of the best photos of her 1995 wedding on Facebook.

But when she looked back at the event, she recalled she wasn’t able to find the right bridesmaid dress at the store. So, she decided to create one using an amazing pattern. Fortunately, it all worked out, and everyone was pleased with the design, or so she thought.

Moms, grandmothers, and seamstresses combined their effort into creating these dresses, and everyone looked so stylish. But one person felt that the dresses looked more like they were made with tablecloths.

Of course, she looked like a beautiful blushing bride with her impeccable white dress. But walking down memory lane made her realize she didn’t feel the same way about the bridesmaids’ dresses. So, she wrote on social media, “My apologies about those dresses, ladies.”

Mann put on her old bridesmaid dress and decided to show Sauer that it wasn’t so bad. She looked very stylish while she was out watering her garden in flip-flops. We’re willing to bet the neighbors were loving this.

She’s definitely in Vogue! Mann hoped that Sauer would get a good laugh by wearing the bridesmaid dress and doing the things she normally does. Fortunately, her kids were on hand to take the photos of her.

But it was all in good fun, and this isn’t the only bridesmaid dress she kept. She claims to have eight others in her closet, along with three prom dresses. It might sound excessive, but they’re vintage and she would like to pass them along to her daughter someday.

Did Sauer find it equally entertaining or did Mann’s photo op sour their friendship? It turns out that Sauer loved the photos. In fact, she claimed to have laughed and cried all at the same time. Sauer never imagined that her bridesmaid dress pattern would have been such a riot years later.