Slum Kids Get Top-Rate Education At The ‘School Under The Bridge.’

Slum Kids Get Top-Rate Education At The ‘School Under The Bridge.’ January 24, 2019

Rajesh Sharma owns a grocery store in India. He isn’t the typical store owner though. For seven years now, he has started each day by teaching a class of youngsters under a local bridge. He noticed the hardship of the local poor children and decided to do something about it. When he first started doing it there were only a few kids in his class. Over the seven years the class has grown to over two hundred kids each morning. The class runs from 9am until 2pm each day. After class some of the kids go to government funded schools for the rest of the day. Sharma then goes over to his grocery store to finish out his day running things there. When Sharma saw that the poor kids weren’t getting the education he thought they should, he thought back to his days when he had to drop out of college for financial reasons. He wanted to help these children not to have to face the same fate. If they did they would at the very least have the additional knowledge that he provides them. The classroom is now supported by several people in the local area that make donations so they can get the supplies they need.