30 Women Ask Their Brothers How They Look, Their Responses Are Just Too Funny!

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Brothers are really good at getting under their sister's skin, and this guy just proved how easy it is to do.

Sibling love most certainly comes with its fair share of ups and downs, but typically, your siblings are people that you can count on. Sure, you can count on them to laugh at you when you fall. And you can almost guarantee that they'll be there to watch you mess up your first Thanksgiving dinner. If you have an older brother or sister then you're well aware of what the territory comes with. Twitter user Syrianting wrote "If you ever wanna be humbled ask your brother how you look," and it went viral almost instantly. Sisters immediately accepted the challenge and shared the hilarious replies they got from their brothers after they sent a photo of themselves.Never missing out on an opportunity to poke fun at his sister's social life, he took the chance to make a joke at her expense. Even if she does look like a younger version of the old cat lady down the road, you didn't have to tell her, man.

Luckily, there are times when brothers behave like the sweet boys their mothers wanted them to be.

This woman got a surprising answer when she asked her brother how she looked. Instead of receiving an insult from her brother, she got a compliment.

Some sisters rely on their brothers for comedic relief, a shoulder to cry on, and a protector from thunderstorms.

This brother failed in all three areas of sibling love. Instead of encouraging his sister, he flat out called her ugly. Now there's that sibling love we were talking about before.

We should all know by now that your brother isn't the person to go to if you need a self-esteem boost.

Hopefully, this woman wasn't having a bad day when she sent this to her brother because his answer was brutal. She didn't expect any better from him!

It's obvious that there are plenty of brothers out there that will take any chance they can get to make fun of their sister.

Luckily, this brother isn't one of them. She may have been surprised by his answer, but he gets a gold star from us in the cool brother department.

There are some brothers out there that consider making fun of their sister a fine art.

This is clearly one of those brothers. He didn't just call her ugly or worthless, he made the point to let her know what he truly thought she looked like. Hey, girl, naked mole rats are cute, so be the best-looking naked mole rat you can be!

There comes a time in many women's lives when their brothers will leave them speechless.

Having no clue what her brother was talking about, this woman just assumed that it was an insult, humbling herself in the process. Personally, we'd like to see this bowl of ramen noodles with ugly eyebrows that he's comparing her to.

It's definitely unclear as to whether or not this brother was making his finest attempt at being nice to his sister.

Being compared to a Kardashian could go one of two ways. Either she's on the verge of mutilating herself with plastic surgery, or she's being driven to the point of insanity by the need to get money. Well, wait, neither one of those are actually compliments. Moving on...

People under the age of eight wouldn't necessarily think that this is an insult.

After all, who doesn't want to be compared to the adorable mascot of a children's arcade? Just look at those cheeks!

Brothers enjoy showing that they're annoyed by being as sarcastic as they possibly can.

At least, this sister knew what she was getting into when she sent him the message. And he wasn't even being rude as he told her the harsh truth.

What's worse than being told that you look like a bum by your brother?

Well, being told that you look like a superbum, of course. At the very least, she looks like she MIGHT be a van-dwelling traveler, but definitely not an under-the-freeway type of bum.

After waiting two hours for an answer, you would expect something a little bit better than this.

She looks ugly? After two hours, that's all you could come up with? This brother clearly needs a bit of help coming up with better insults for his sister.

This brother is a bit like mine: he doesn't make sense half of the time.

Where are these emo lesbians that he's talking about? If anything, they look like a couple of teachers or ski instructors because there's definitely nothing emo about this one.

Just the words "how do I look" prompted an immediate insult from this dedicated brother.

Before he even received the picture he made sure to let her know that she looked bad. If that's not brotherly love, we don't know what is.

Brothers have this uncanny ability to be unbearably awkward at times.

Instead of going straight for the insult, this brother decided to take the awkward approach. Of course, he could have been rude with his comment, but he decided to stick what he knew to avoid the backlash.

There's really no better way to complicate an answer than the way this brother did.

Instead of just saying that his sister looked good or bad, he asked her what he should say. And then he accused her of using Photoshop. Girl, after those answers, do you really need any other opinions from him?

Honestly, if you ask a little brother this type of question, you should only expect this type of answer.

Apparently, trying to come up with a compliment would take up too much of his time. But what else does a 15-year-old have to do with his time?

This sister used her time in a hospital gown to ask her brother how she looked.

Clearly, her brother didn't hold back at all because he had no problem telling her how he felt. Does she always look like she's sick, or is her brother just being a brother?

Whoa, this brother was obviously annoyed by the fact that his sister was texting him about this.

Maybe he was just having a bad day, but after the name calling and insults, we'd be looking for a new brother, too! You never know, maybe she could put an ad out on Craigslist for one.

If you have a sister, then you already know that brothers aren't the only ones that can be ruthless with the insults.

Saying that someone looks like they've been taking part in heavy drug use since they were an infant is a pretty big stab. Unless, of course, she has been doing it and her sister is simply trying to get her the help that she needs.

Sometimes it can be difficult to tell if your brother is being serious when they give you a compliment.

Despite the fact that he was giving a compliment, in his own way, of course, this sister couldn't help but question his sincerity. After all, "scalping a MOFO" is pretty serious business.

There are those times when your brother shows up with his best foot forward.

Claiming that he's in a good mood, this brother was full of compliments for his sister. It must not be a normal occurrence because she sure does seem surprised.

After getting all cute for the picture, this woman sent it to her brother, hoping for the best.

Clearly, she got the worst, instead. At least, there's a bright side, though. You can't go down much further after being compared to a turkey farmer by your brother.

How many of you would be willing to admit that your brother always thinks that you look constipated?

This woman didn't just admit it, she shared her brother's feelings with the entire world. Hopefully, if she does have issues in the bathroom, she'll take her brother's advice and increase her fiber intake.

At first, this woman thought her brother was giving her a compliment, but she was sorely mistaken.

As soon as she thought she was experiencing a compliment of a lifetime, her brother pulled through with a fast recovery. That's some pretty smooth talking if you ask us.

Since she didn't have a brother, this woman sent a picture of herself to both of her sisters.

Of course, they didn't fail to meet her expectations. It's funny how you can see the obvious difference between the relationship that she has with each of her sisters.

Oh, that definitely isn't a fair move played by this woman's brother.

Already knowing about the meme challenge, this brother wanted to make sure that he said something nice to his sister. Too bad the whole thing was screenshotted, you sneaky guy.

Without missing a step, this brother was quick with the brotherly insults.

Being compared to trash is certainly one way to start your morning off on the right foot. But if it's coming from your brother, you know it's filled with love, right?

If you're a fan of South Park, then you know what it means to be called a towel by your brother.

This sister accepted her fate and told the world what she was. Being called a towel isn't the worst thing that could happen, really. He could have called her something much worse, after all.

Out of all of the brothers on this list, this one takes the award for being the kindest one of all.

Either he took his sister's question seriously and answered it with complete confidence, or he made a joke out of it and used his effortless sarcasm to come up with an answer. Either way, she most likely got a smile out of it, which is why he's the winner!