16 Fascinating Reasons Why Brunettes Are TOTALLY Awesome.

16 Fascinating Reasons Why Brunettes Are TOTALLY Awesome. February 20, 2017

We recently told you about all the reasons it’s [pretty great to be a redhead][1]. While you may have appreciated those interesting facts, if you’re a brunette, you might have felt a little left out. Never fear, brown-haired angels: Now, we have 18 reasons why brunettes are pretty great, too. But first, let’s get a little background. Throughout history, the brunette has been associated with being a “temptress” or “siren.” They were thought to attract men while maintaining their mystique. In other words, brunettes were often characterized as “intense,”- the type of woman who could make you fall in love and scare the hell out of you at the same time! We’re not sure if that stereotype holds true to all brunettes, but here we have some interesting information that might – **#14 is really surprising!** [1]: http://www.lifebuzz.com/redheads/Dark hair has higher carbon content than any other color.

As you may have guessed, brown is the most common hair color.

Many celebrities go from blonde to brunette – actress Sofia Vergara is a natural blonde who dyes her hair to a sumptuous chocolate brown.

Belle from Beauty and the Beast is the only brunette Disney princess. That explains why you loved her so much.

Books, tv shows and movies show an ongoing rivalry among blondes and brunettes; the most popular and enduring rivalry is that of blonde Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge from the Archie comic books.

Brown hair can range from chestnut, to mahogany, to chocolate. All of it looks great to us.

Heard of the movie “Gentleman Prefer Blondes?” Author Anita Loos wrote a follow-up called “But Gentlemen Marry Brunettes,” and it was made into a film starring famous brunette Jane Russell. Though we’re not that comfortable with the sexist undertones of that film title, the film is a celebration of brunette fabulousness – and we’re definitely cool with that.

Your brown locks just might inspire someone, someday.

There’s a reason Doctor Who has always been played by a brunette actor.

The word brunette is French, originating from the mid 16th century; it is the feminine of brunet, and diminutive of brun ‘brown’.

When surveyed, women of all hair colors said they preferred brunette men.

In a 2005 Allure magazine survey 76% of women believe the first female President will be a brunette. However, we hope the first female leader of the free world is elected based on more than just her hair color.

And not necessarily in a bad way – brunettes are simply said to prefer autumn and winter.

According to some studies, people with brown hair become more easily addicted to nicotine.

This is grossly unfair and wrong, but the facts are the facts: brunettes tend to make more money than their lighter-haired counterparts. Hopefully they can use some of their success to start standing up for the equally intelligent and awesome blonde/redheaded friends!

If you’re brunette and you’ve got a thing for 007, it turns out that he has a thing for you, too! According to studies of the James Bond films, the character usually prefers brunettes.