Belgians Are Flooding Twitter With Pictures Of Cats. Here’s Why…

Belgians Are Flooding Twitter With Pictures Of Cats. Here’s Why… November 23, 2017

In response to the recent deadly Paris attacks, the Belgian police had a particularly interesting idea for how to maintain a heightened security level: an operation called #BrusselsLockdown. The idea was to create a social media blackout surrounding the work the police were doing, and they asked the general public not to tweet about it. Instead of simply not tweeting about the lockdown, enterprising Belgians had a different idea: Instead of tweeting about the lockdown, they flooded the tag with pictures of their cats. Below is what might amount to the largest collection of Belgian cats in Internet history. That last one is simply the best.

Stay inside they said. #BrusselsLockdown — Julia Reda (@Senficon) November 22, 2015

Picture of Belgium’s National Security Council when the door opens in the middle of the meeting #BrusselsLockdown — Florence (@flowindey) November 22, 2015

Police ask people not to report details of #BrusselsLockdown. Internet responds perfectly with Cat pictures. <3 — Pia Micallef (@PiaMicallef) November 22, 2015

Don’t worry super cat is here #BrusselsLockdown — Amit Bhat (@amitbhatr) November 22, 2015

“I got this” #BrusselsLockdown — Lore De Witte (@loredewitte) November 22, 2015

BREAKING NEWS : Belgium Police using the new 200mph Hovercat during terrorist operations #BrusselsLockdown — Jayce le Satirique (@jaycelight) November 22, 2015

In the mean time in Belgium .. #BrusselsLockdown — ElisabettaCanalis (@JustElisabetta) November 23, 2015

May the force be with us. #BrusselsLockdown — TineEeckhout (@TineEeckhout) November 22, 2015

BREAKING: Belgian police have released a photograph of the main supect #BrusselsLockdown — Jeroen Flamman (@jflamman) November 22, 2015

Meanwhile in belgium #BrusselsLockdown — Basile Bong (@basilebong) November 22, 2015

Well done Belgium, collectively tweeting cat pics during the terror threat is utter brilliance. #BrusselsLockdown — Dr Paul Coxon (@paulcoxon) November 22, 2015

Suspicious backpack found in #Molenbeek #BrusselsLockdown — Parliamonster (@Parliamonster) November 22, 2015

Authorities asked not to tweet about the raids, so people tweet cat picts. I love this country. #BrusselsLockDown — ally (@reliableari) November 22, 2015