She Injects Jell-O Into Bubble Wrap. The Result Had Me Running To The Kitchen.

She Injects Jell-O Into Bubble Wrap. The Result Had Me Running To The Kitchen. July 20, 2018

After a month or so, backyard parties can get a little stale and predictable. If you’re looking for a fun little DIY trick that will take your summer parties to the next level, look no further: This fun little preparation trick will take your Jell-O — or Jell-O shots, depending on what kind of party you’re having — to a whole new level. All you need to start is a pan, some Jell-O mix, a cooking syringe and some bubble wrap. Yes, that’s right, this DIY includes bubble wrap, everyone’s favorite time-waster and all around delightful packaging material. Are the wheels in your brain turning to guess just exactly how it all fits together? Don’t think too hard on it, because we’ve got the answers below. Whether you’re looking for a new way to serve one of summer’s classic treats, or trying to improve upon your Jell-O shot game, this is the DIY tutorial you need to see.Here’s a fun way to prepare Jell-0 that’s easier than you’d think. It all starts with pouring water into a pot.

It can be whatever flavor you wish, but bright colors produce some of the best results — you’ll see why, later.

You want to stir until the consistency feels thick, but don’t overcook it.

And like many fun things, this involves bubble wrap. Lay the bubble wrap on the table and fill the syringe (you can get them in baking/cooking stores) with the Jell-O liquid.

Fill up each of the individual bubbles with a bit of the Jell-O mixture.

It takes awhile, but it seems like kind of a soothing thing to do. It also produces something pretty cool.

Usually Jell-O takes just a few hours to solidify.

You can break your Jell-O gummies free with your hand or using a needle.

And they’re also pretty fun to play with. For adult parties, you could even add a bit of booze to the mix.

You could also serve a handful in individually sized cups. All that’s left to do is enjoy!

**Want to see the process in action? Check out the video below.**