Bullies Called Her ‘Monster’ For Her Moles, But Now She’s A Potential Miss Universe Contestant.

Bullies Called Her ‘Monster’ For Her Moles, But Now She’s A Potential Miss Universe Contestant. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Although the term “beautiful” is usually used to describe a person who is physically attractive, it’s actually much more than that. A beautiful person isn’t just someone who has beautiful looks but also a beautiful soul and heart. Evita Delmundo was ridiculed as a child for having moles all over her body. She felt ugly when others called her names like “monster.” But as she grew older, she learned that beauty is so much deeper than superficial looks. She eventually learned to accept her unique appearance fully and is now determined to show others that it’s okay to be different. The first platform she wants to take her message to is Miss Universe 2018.It’s easy to feel insecure. Sabahan Evita Delmundo, however, has proven to others that beauty has evolved way past the media’s typical standards.

Although it was hard to deal with looking “different” at first, Delmundo eventually learned to accept her unique looks and stopped caring what about others think.

Delmundo has taken it upon herself to show everyone that appearances really aren’t everything. She’s so determined that she has stated she plans on entering other beauty pageants if she doesn’t get selected for Miss Universe.

She is the second oldest of five children. Currently, she works part-time at a cat cafe while aspiring to be a beauty queen. Delmundo enjoys singing, playing the guitar and drawing in her free time.

In primary school, other kids would nickname her “monster” or “chipsmore,” which was hard to take in at such a young age. At one point, it became so difficult for her that she had to ask her dad to come to school to scold the bullies.

Delmundo really started learning how to love and accept herself for who she is when she began attending church camp at the age of 16.

She began consulting with doctors only to find out that the procedure was a risk to her health. So instead she decided to fully accept the body that she was born with. Now looking back upon things, Delmundo is actually grateful that she didn’t go through with the mole removal.

When people rudely stare or make nasty remarks, she finds it unnecessary to fight back. “Haters don’t deserve my attention,” she told Elle.

According to Delmundo, one of the best comments she ever received was that she was someone’s idol and that the person looked up to her as an inspiration. “Knowing that I have such a positive effect on others really keeps me going,” said the future beauty contestant.

Aside from it being one of her dreams, Delmundo feels like it’s the perfect platform to showcase her unique looks and newfound confidence. She also wants to reach a large audience so she can inspire others.

James advised Delmundo to always stay true to herself and to never forget where she came from, if she does become Miss Universe Malaysia. “She said to never lose sight of why I joined the competition in the first place and that as long as I can remember that, I’ll go far.”

“Beauty is who you are as a person and how you love yourself. It’s never about perfection.”

She looks up to Wurtzbach because in addition to her pretty face, she has a beautiful heart. She also admires the way Wurtzbach confidently carries herself.

No matter what happens, Delmundo will never see her “flaws” as a barrier to achieve what she wants. She will continue with her best efforts to spread the message that everyone should be proud of whatever makes them the person they are.

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