Bullies Nearly Killed This Teen, And They Need To Be Arrested.

Bullies Nearly Killed This Teen, And They Need To Be Arrested. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

There are still people out there who argue that bullying is just part of life, something every child needs to go through to become strong and resilient in life. The reality is that you would never tell an adult to allow a colleague to verbally, mentally, and physically abuse you, yet, we tell kids this is natural. Coping with conflict, difference of opinion, and having clashing personalities is indeed part of childhood development. Bullying, however, is not. It is not normal behaviour to taunt, torture, humiliate, isolate, and physically attack someone. The perpetrator grows up believing this type of conduct is socially acceptable, struggling to deal with conflict in a civilized and mature manner. The child or teen who suffers at the hands of bullies experience depression, feeling of isolation, anger, resentment, and difficulty in developing trusting relationship. It is a moral responsibility for everyone to play an active role in stopping bullies.

What he went through when he got off the bus is every parent’s nightmare.

A family friend was allowed to post the photos from the horrific attack to show what the boy went through.

“Please, if anyone saw anything please tell the police. I’m sharing this with his mum’s permission,” she wrote.

The physical scars will require healing as well as the emotional trauma this boy endured.

“Police in Bridgend are appealing for witnesses to an assault on a teenage boy in North Cornelly to come forward. The incident occurred as the 15 year-old victim got off a bus at Woodland Place, at approximately 4pm on Wednesday, February 8, 2017,” their statement said.

A 17-year-old has been arrested and set on bail.

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