‘Run For Your Bun’ Café Makes Customers Exercise Before Ordering Lunch.

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Recently in London a cafe offered free lunch if customers did a short work out to earn it. Plenty of people took advantage of it.

Recently, a café in London made a different kind of lunch special offer to its customers. A three-day promotional event was held that allowed customers to trade a short workout for free lunch. It was a pretty good offer as the workout required was only six minutes long. Hungry customers had options of a minute on a rowing machine, a minute on a spin bike and a minute on a treadmill. Also included was a minute of sit ups, a minute of lunges and a minute of body-weight squats. Customers took a thirty second break between each exercise. It was a perfect combination of things that fit perfectly into a lunch break. With most breaks being an hour or less, the customers only had to use a small portion of the time to earn their free lunch. Once the workout was completed customers could choose from smashed avocado on toasted whole meal bread or a delicious grilled chicken breast burger that came with tomato, red onion, and garlic mayo. It doesn’t sound like a bad deal and plenty of customers showed up to give it a shot. After all, when a free lunch is offered, people will show up every time.


Plenty of people wanted to give it a try. Why not? The price for a free lunch didn't seem too high.

David Lloyd Clubs

"Run for your bun" and "Spin for your din" were the catch phrases that were used. Not bad at all. It gets the point across!


The workout wasn't too rough and the lunch receipt showed what was done. It's a good keepsake for something new.


It kind of reminds you of the rabbit with the carrot dangling in front of it. It apparently works on humans too!

David Lloyd Clubs

Most people thought it was a good idea and gave it a try. It was a good bit of fun during lunch break as well.

David Lloyd Clubs

There were fitness coaches there to make sure everyone used the proper form. That was probably a precaution to make sure nobody got hurt!


They only take sweat for payment, huh? You had to make sure you were totally prepared to grab lunch from here!


Sit ups, cycling, and rowing in exchange for lunch? Plenty of people were just fine with the concept!


Do you think this is a fair trade? On paper it looks easy enough and not too bad of a deal. Who doesn't like a chicken burger?