By Pushing A Button It Transforms Into The ULTIMATE Tent.

By Pushing A Button It Transforms Into The ULTIMATE Tent. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

If you have an event coming up and you can’t find a suitable venue to host it, have no worries. If you can find an open area you can now create your own venue! Thanks to DOSIS, a Spanish architectural firm, you can now get Second Dome and have your own 4,300 square foot event venue in a matter of just minutes! The reconfigurable, pneumatic structure can change from a 700-square-foot bubble into the event venue that you have been searching for. The non-profit organization Shuffle recently used it in East London to hold several community events. There are countless types of activities that can be hosted in this portable dome. A few ideas that it can be used for are workshops, movie screenings, meetings, company outings or maybe that family reunion for those that have huge families. It installs quickly and can be designed to fit your every need. The layout can be changed to fit exactly where you need coverage. The material has a thickness of just a millimeter and it reacts to wind and pressure. One of the best features is that it takes very little energy to power it. So when you can’t find a venue to host your event or you can’t find a suitable layout for what you need, be sure to look into Second Dome, it can solve all of your problems!

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