Camera Captures The Exact Moment Woman’s Soul Leaves Her Body.

Camera Captures The Exact Moment Woman’s Soul Leaves Her Body. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Beginning in September, a handful of media sites and YouTube channels took advantage of a graphic scene in Thailand. This is because someone decided to edit the original footage of a motorbike accident. Here’s what actually happened. A truck was in the middle of making a right turn when a motorbike slammed into the side of it. Unless you’re watching closely, you might not notice that there are two passengers. One flies out of camera view while the other, a woman called Manee, slams into a pole before falling to the ground, dying at the scene. It’s a chilling video. In the edited version, someone added a shadow to make it appear as though her soul was leaving the body. Whether it was in the spirit of Halloween or a sick joke, the changes were unwarranted. Reactions to the video varied. Some viewers believed the footage to be genuine while others were quick to call it fake. There were some that posted links to the original footage to clear up the confusion.CCTV near the Phibun Songkram Camp captured footage of a motorbike accident in in Lopburi, Thailand. You see the truck turning right and you see the motorbike coming towards it at full speed.

It’s chilling to look at and think about the horror these people experienced at this very moment.

We see here that the woman, who we learned was called Manee, is now laying on the ground and the truck is coming to a stop.

Thailand is notorious for its road accidents. Locals and tourists are said to practice dangerous lane changes, go without helmets, and some are even unlicensed. Keep in mind that Thailand is not the only place where this happens. You see this in other countries and the states as well.

Here is a shot of the ‘ghost’ that someone edited into the footage. It’s a blurry shadow at best. The video has been posted by on YouTube by a few different accounts, including ntertainmentForAll, Researcher Oxlack, and Sutannaraj Suwannatada.

Soldiers from the camp rush out to provide assistance but it is too late. In regards to the the shadow, here’s what some viewers have commented: ‘You’d have to be some sick f*ck to use a girl’s death for a stunt like this, is all I can say,’ wrote Mike G.

Unfortunately, the tainted video has been viewed millions of times over the different channels. Some people were even more passionate in their responses. The most significant argument was reminding viewers that a girl lost her life and that we shouldn’t be arguing about the so-called spirit. ‘There’s absolutely nothing funny about this incident. This poor young girl Manee lost her life. Her death was brutal and it’s obvious she was in [agonizing] pain,’ wrote Sarah Barnes. ‘It’s clear to see on the video clip that once she’s hit the pole lying on the ground that she drops her head back to the ground slowly as she is dying after the orb has appeared. It’s not about the orb and how can people [lose] sight of that.’

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