Can You Find The Cat Hiding In These Photos? It’s Harder Than It Looks.

Can You Find The Cat Hiding In These Photos? It’s Harder Than It Looks. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Cats are impressive creatures. They can climb and jump tall heights, they always land on their feet when they fall, and they’re fast as lightning. On top of all that, they’re also good at keeping out of sight when they do not want to be found. If you share your living space with a cat or multiple cats, you already know that they can be pretty good at hiding. They camouflage so well in certain environments, they’ve earned the title “masters of disguise.” If you’ve never experienced this first hand, take a look at some of the best cat hiders down below. In some photos, you might not even be able to find them!I bet you can’t find him this time.

They’re the perfect match.

Wow he has a huge body.

It probably would have taken me forever.

He fits right in, he got the statue pose and face down.

Almost couldn’t find her!

He looks like an extension of a branch!

I mean, seriously?

Can you find them all?

You’re not as slick as you think!

Should have gotten a white cat.

That’s something original this Christmas.

Being in the shadows was a smart move.

Just two soccer balls waiting to be played with.

“It’s the perfect hiding spot.”

They’re so good at blending in.

Can you tell the difference?

Wait a minute….

Be careful with your steps.

Nice try, little guy, nice try.

You decide.

It must be hard to not accidentally step on this little guy.

Those darn ears.

When your dog and cat become one.

He does not look amused.

Look for a log with ears.

Nobody will expect a thing.

Because this cat’s got it down.

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