30 Signs That Are So Obvious They’re Actually Funny.

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Here he is: The man of the hour.

We like to think that, due to our very skilled brains and critical thinking, not everything has to be explained to us. There's a reason that "Captain Obvious" is thrown about as a sarcastic slight: There's simply no need to outline information that's clear. Or is there? These 30 signs are all the product of Captain Obvious, but we can't help but wonder: What kind of human behavior prompted these signs to be imagined into existence? In other words, while these ridiculous signs might be obvious -- were they actually necessary to prevent humans from doing themselves future harm? The world may never know.

You don't say.


Good thing there was a sign, or else we wouldn't know what to do.

We're all at risk, you see.

Just reminding you, that's all.

The closed door holds all the answers.


We see what they did here.

Apparently so.

Just an FYI: The box is not edible.

Don't try any funny business.


Lessons you didn't learn from your mom.

Funnily enough, hangers are not swallow-able.

Good thing there was a sign.

Not sure what the goal is here.


Thanks for the tip.

For those who weren't sure what to.

Maybe. Just maybe.

Sorry for all of you giant hotdog-lovers out there.

So does science.

Double affirmative.

This feels redundant.

Well, it's not wrong.

Try not to, okay?

Funny, we thought it was made of glass.

Yes. Yes it is.

This makes us worried about humanity, to be honest.

It's just not comfortable.

Who would have thought?

Totally newsworthy.

The feds have figured it all out.