30 Halloween Costume Ideas For Parents With Babies.

30 Halloween Costume Ideas For Parents With Babies. October 25, 2019

With Halloween stepping on our toes, many of us are already in panic mode. There aren’t enough costume ideas online that meet the ideal criteria of the perfect Halloween costume. Most of us want a costume that’s easy to do, cheap, dazzling, clever, and comfortable. Good luck with that, right? So we wait, and wait, and wait, browse, and then wait some more, and nothing seems to pop up. But what happens when you want to dress in a fabulous family costume that also includes your beautiful baby? I mean, you’re not about to leave him hanging, right? Well, actually, you might. If you want to go trick or treating, you will need the help of a baby carrier…or you may have to leave baby at home, which isn’t really an option. Check out these hilariously creative costumes that are easy to pull off, comfortable, clever, and dazzling, all at once. Because you know the saying, good things come for those who wait…and scroll!Daddy is playing the role of the tower, and by the looks of it, he’s taking it pretty seriously. I mean, he’s so still and peaceful, it’s like he’s not even there! Give that man an Oscar.

By the looks of it, momma’s doing a fine job raising a child who’s confident, isn’t afraid to speak up, and already thinks of himself as a true leader. Let’s just hope this president finds a way to lower the price of gas!

Even though this itsy bitsy spider when up the water spout, down came the rain, and washed the spider out. But she still maintained to stay dry and cool. The fact that mom’s waiting by her side like a personal bodyguard’s got nothing to do with it!

Thankfully, this zombie creature is only hungry for brains once a year. The remaining 364 days, he only wants to eat carrots, chicken, and Gerber’s apple, mango and kiwi puree. Pheww!

His princess is standing by his side, taking good care of him, feeding him, and even dressing him up in one banging costume so they can all go trick or treating together.

With miniature Ripley on board, this excellent power loader costume is a true rendition to the movie, “Alien.” It might be way to intricate to imitate easily, but there’s nothing you can’t do with some glue, cardboard, paint, and a weekend off.

This mamma chose a lovely costume that teaches her baby that anything’s possible when you’re a confident woman who’s ready and willing to fight for equality.

Dressed as popcorn, complete with a fabulous clerk, these two are about the most adorable thing we’ve seen so far. A costume that should come with a warning. They’re so sweet, it might give you cavities!

He’s just too young to be able to communicate with his alien family, at least for now! At least he’s got Elliot by his side, ready to translate the many “ba-ba”, “da-da”, and “wa-was.”

It’s pretty obvious that this family’s one major Game of Thrones fan, but instead of dressing up as the most popular characters, they decided to keep it cool, and go as the door Hodor was meant to hold in that epic scene people are still talking about!

This is one cook that knows all about the pain of baking, after carrying her beautiful bun in the oven for 9 months! Talk about sweet pain!

Instead, dress them up as such for Halloween and make sure to match up his adorable costume with yours, by going as a tree. It’s the perfect excuse to stay close to him for hours to come!

He didn’t want to be “shellfish” and have fun all by himself, so he created one red-blooded baby carrier costume that allowed baby to join in the fun. Now it’s the time to go “cray-sea”!

No, it’s not the beginning of a joke, I mean. Look at them! They’re both dressed as presidents. Something’s about to go down, as there can only be room for one!

But since it’s impossible for him to take the plunge, (literally!) with baby by his side, he’s found the best next thing: designing a hilarious tandem skydiver duo costume!

All it takes is a more-than-willing baby, a baby carrier that gets tightened in the back, a pirate costume, and a few hours to glue color papers feathers onto a parrot costume. It looks tricky but it’s simple enough!

So get ready to get some stares, “awws” and maybe even a few pictures taken, as you’ll be the life of the party with this beautiful costume that’ll make anyone look twice.

Complete with face makeup, intricate detailing, unibrow, and delicate flowers that decorate the baby’s hair. If you’re looking to win a Halloween costume contest, then this is the way to do it!

Costumes sometimes get repetitive, so we’re used to seeing the same old thing every year, but this super simple cardboard plane is a great way to keep it interesting and unique.

No matter where he looked, he simply couldn’t find something as precious. So he decided to make one, and now they’re ready to melt the hearts of anyone who opens their door to this adorable duo that’s 24 carats of cute!

Laughing your butt off! Dress up your baby in this adorable tiger costume that’s sure to spark a few giggles here and there. This costume isn’t just good, it’s grrrrrreat!

Certainly not little red riding hood who’s looking all grown up. If if we were to stumble upon such a big bad wolf, we’d too get lost in those whimsical blue eyes!

With this pint sized version of Yoda, daddy’s ready to face any obstacle they might face on Halloween night. Luke rose to rise to the occasion once, so I’m pretty sure he can do it again and get massive bags of candy for baby and mommy to enjoy for months to come!

Mom or dad could get dressed up as a rainbow while baby is, of course, the star of this trendy costume: a unicorn! It’s adorable, comfy, and will surely be a hit with all the neighbors who will quickly stuff your bag with candy!

Halloween started off as an old tradition where people danced along bonfires, dressed in creepy costumes to ward off ghost. So if you’re looking to pay true homage to this scary festivity then try something like this. It’ll surely scare the bejesus out of everyone!

Baby ‘Harr-Ietta Potter’ is simply to die for! And unlike Harry Potter, she doesn’t need to wait until her 11th birthday to find out she’s a wizard. One look at these two’s relationship and you can already tell it’s full of magic!

They say that under the sea, it’s always better, a lot more fun, and everyone’s devoting their time to floatin’. But by the look of this baby’s smile, they sure as hell have fun here at shore!

If you live for pasta, then simply translate your passion into real life and wear it. All it takes is some creativity, a willing baby, a LOT of yarn. And we do man A LOT.

If you want to put your heart and soul in creating a banging costume, then look no further. Octopuses have 3 hearts, (yes, really!) and they’re the perfect creatures to make one heartbreakingly cool costume this year!

So if you’d love to poke fun at the inevitable wreckage the family will endure, go as a wrecking crew dad and boys costumes. Just make sure to wear protective gear!