25 Cartoon Tattoos That Every ‘90s Kid Will Love.

25 Cartoon Tattoos That Every ‘90s Kid Will Love. June 19, 2018

Cartoon tattoos are never something that should be taken too seriously. It’s more of something that brings out the comical side of the owners of the tattoo or shows that they’re still a kid at heart. Some people believe that cartoons are only for kids and that adults grow out of them as they get older. This is wrong. Although this may not apply to everyone, there are many individuals out there who love and appreciate cartoons even in their adulthood. Whether it’s a love for the old cartoons they used to watch as a child or the new cartoons that are out today, animated characters are a part of an entertainment that people of all ages can enjoy! So if you’re someone who still very much loves their retro cartoons, Disney cartoons, Japanese anime cartoons, anything animated — you’ll surely enjoy these tattoos that were dedicated to just that.A badass Japanese style tattoo of Samurai Homer Simpson fighting a demon Ned Flanders while holding a beheaded Marge.

What better way to illustrate Popeye than with an optical effect making it look like Popeye’s famous arm punch is your arm.

What’s cooler than your favorite Disney characters interpreted as villains. Here we have Mickey Mouse and the Joker and Donald Duck as Freddy Krueger.

Everyone’s favorite on-screen pair of friends showing their love for each other while wearing their favorite band tees.

A straightforward illustration of Daria with the appropriate adjective “misunderstood” underneath her in a banner. The perfect tattoo for an apathetic person.

Although Jason is not originally a cartoon character, and instead the villain in the horror film, Friday the 13th, you have to admit this is actually an awesome cartoon version of him. Wouldn’t mind watching a cartoon series based on this.

An entire sleeve depicting a colorful scene from Adventure Time of Finn riding rainicorn in the sky while Princess Bubblegum is on the ground.

The Lion King will always be one of the greatest animated films ever. And this particular Simba symbol will always hold a place in many people’s hearts.

One of the many cute dog characters from the adorable show, Paw Patrol. A super cute tattoo even if you’re not familiar with the show.

The grim reaper waving his arms in the air for despair, just like how he usually is in the tv show. Unfortunately, it seems like Billy and Mandy are missing.

The beloved grandpa mad scientist from Rick and Morty flipping up his favorite fingers.

The kid version of Crillin from Dragon Ball (before he died and revived multiple times) jumping in the air full of excitement.

The youngest sibling/kid from Bob’s Burgers raising her fists in the air.

The oh so cheery Sailor Moon surrounded by colorful flowers, hearts, and sparkles.

The villain from the famous Miyazaki movie, Spirited Away, hanging out with soot sprites.

A super trippy interpretation of Ned Flanders from the Simpsons. It looks like he’s surrounded by mini mushrooms that also look like his beard and mouth.

Patrick from Spongebob making a mess on himself while he eats ice cream laying on a donut. Or maybe it’s a donut floatie?

The vicious powerpuff girls looking read to kick some butt in their fighting stances. Although it is kind of hard to take them seriously while they pose in front of a rainbow heart.

It looks like the artist here did a mash up of a few Disney movies. Here we have the beloved Baymax from Big Hero 6 rubbing a magic genie lamp while wearing a Mickey pirate hat.

Here we have what looks like a combination of new school and Japanese style. Stewie is depicted as a cute Daruma doll while Peter’s evil face is behind him.

An ice cream sundae filled with several different kawaii (cute in Japanese popular culture) characters including Sailor Moon, Totoro, Finn & Jake, No Face, Pikachu, rilakkuma bear, any many more.

Nerdy Millhouse from the SImpsons depicted as cool for once with a smirk on his face while his glasses are up in his hair.

Your favorite lazy fat cat trying to start his day with a cup of coffee. The original grumpy cat.

The main characters of South Park each illustrated with very suspicious red eyes and grim facial expressions.

The most well known pokemon from the pokemon universe chowing down on a slice of pizza.