‘Cash Me Outside’ Girl Has A New Boyfriend, So ‘How Bout Dah.’

‘Cash Me Outside’ Girl Has A New Boyfriend, So ‘How Bout Dah.’ April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Parents of teenagers will tell you this stage is not easy. It seems out of nowhere your bubbly, loveable, and sweet child is transformed into this hormone infused angry and emotional teen. Trying to prove they are no longer a kid by sulking, talking back, and even swearing is proof enough to parents that your once innocent baby still needs guidance and discipline. Phil McGraw has been helping families deal with difficult teens in his show *Dr. Phil* for the last 15 years. He has used his past experience as a psychologist to give parents and their kids tools to get past these tough years and come out as responsible, compassionate, and hardworking adults. But even this daily TV host had his work cut out for him when he had Danielle Bregoli and her mom Barbra Ann Peskowitz on his show.The episode was called “I Want To Give Up My Car-Stealing, Knife-Wielding, Twerking 13-Year-Old Daughter Who Tried To Frame Me For A Crime.”

In 2016 alone, police were called 54 times to the family home for verbal threats, domestic fights, and stolen cars.

She called out the audience saying “All these hos laugin’ like there’s something funny.” She followed it up “Cash me outside, howbow dah?”

The clip of it went viral with over 95 million views on YouTube. In case you are wondering what Danielle meant, she was offering to fight anyone outside.

When she appeared on the show again after her stint at the treatment program, Danielle didn’t seem like she had changed much.

Touching on her meme and YouTube fame, Dr. Phil asked her how she felt about all the attention she received.

“I guess what’s good for you is I made you just like how Oprah made you,” Danielle claims. “You were nothin’ before I came on this show.”

Danielle’s mom got into a debate with her daughter, urging her to thank the TV host for what he did for her. But Danielle fought back “If it wasn’t for his money, you can’t say if it wasn’t for him. If it wasn’t for him and his people, I wouldn’t be the way I am. I could’ve paid for it myself.”

A video surfaced of her punching a passenger on-board a Spirit Airlines before take off at LAX. She also got into a fight with strangers who were shouting her famous phrase to her. She ran off by the time the cops came.

She also has her own website selling merchandise with her famous line and other less than respectful sayings.

She seems to reveal the identity of her boyfriend who doesn’t appear to be 13 years old.

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