‘Cash Me Outside’ Girl’s Cop-Dad Wants Money To Win Custody Of His Daughter.

‘Cash Me Outside’ Girl’s Cop-Dad Wants Money To Win Custody Of His Daughter. March 10, 2019

You might know Danielle Bregoli better as “Cash Me Outside”. It was the name of the meme that went viral after the 13-year-old’s appearance on “Dr. Phil” in September 2016. Since then, she’s become something of a celebrity with her signature accent from “the streets”. She’s even reportedly charging people $38,902 for a public appearance at the Rolling Loud Music Festival in May. But of course, there’s more to Danielle than meets the eye. Behind this seemingly rebellious street smart kid is a teenager who has undergone a great deal of hardship and success. So here are some interesting insights into the girl everyone’s calling “Cash Me Outside”.Not only has she appeared on Dr. Phil twice, but the seventh grader also reportedly stopped going to school. Plus her sassiness is making quite an impression on other teenagers, some of whom never even met her.

Ira is a sheriff’s deputy in Palm Beach County and he claimed during an interview that he was appalled by his daughter’s behavior and even more shocked that one would think her behavior was acceptable. He also went after Dr. Phil, whom he thinks should be ashamed of himself for not putting a stop to it.

After Danielle’s appearance, people began speculating that he abandoned his daughter after he ended his relationship to his daughter’s mother after 16 years of being together, but never married.

The girl’s mom, Barbara Ann revealed that she was simply beside herself over how Danielle would steal her credit cards and run away as many as four times in one day. But as Danielle’s life was being dissected on national television, the audience members would often laugh at her. So you’d often hear Danielle mouthing off at them and calling them “wh*res”.

He’s even recruited kids from inner cities to rehabilitate them through a tennis program called Kids and Police Tennis Association, which started in June of 2010. His online profile mentions how he is the founder and executive direction of the KAPTA program and that he’s married and has two sons, but ironically, there’s no mention of Danielle at all.

So he set up a Go Fund Me account which explained how he was on a mission to save his daughter and was asking for donations from the public.

Danielle stunned her followers by posting a photo on Instagram in March that showed a dramatic make-under which included a classier look with light blue jeans and a peach top. She also added “I been down so long it look like up to me,” whatever that means.

She replied by asking the audience, “Catch me outside, how about that?” But because of her thick accent, it sounded more like “Cash me ousside, how bow dah?” And that’s how her signature catchphrase was transformed into a meme which quickly went viral.

She’s reportedly earning a five-figure salary for meet-and-greets with her fans. There are also claims that Danielle is planning to flog tickets for her 13th birthday party later this month, which is sure to be a huge blast.

The article was about Mother’s Day and it referred to Danielle as a mature little girl. Clearly she had to be as she had been helping her mother who was repeatedly vomiting due to chemotherapy. It was this future rebel that held her mother’s hair and rubbed her back and stuck with her during a grueling 36-week long treatment.

Danielle wound up making more friends with her mom’s nurses than with her classmate. To make things worse, Barbara Ann had lost her job and they were struggling to get on Social Security disability insurance. It sounds like behind that tough exterior, there’s a broken little girl who was forced to grow up way too fast.

They’ve even used her image as graffiti street art, which Danielle has used as her Facebook cover photo. At the very least, it shows that she might be rebellious, but she’s also one tough cookie. Plus, even though she’s had issues with her mom, the girl clearly loves her.

Hey! No one said there was anything wrong with capitalizing on the fame. So Danielle launched a series of hoodies with the signature line “Cash me ousside how bow dah” and is selling them for $65. She also has t-shirts that she’s selling for $35 as well as puzzles and tote bags with her face on them.

One small mistake and everyone hears about it. So when Danielle got into an explosive fight with her mom on March 7th, the police got called to their home to put an end to it. The fight appears to have been the result of her mom attacking Danielle’s 17-year-old friend, who had been living with them at the time. Things got heated and Danielle started cussing and shouting at her mom.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Danielle has been involved in a fight. She had also landed herself in the middle of a street brawl when she and a group of obnoxious friend were in a bar patio and one of her friends threw ice cream in a patron’s face. After that there was lots of yelling, fighting and throwing of tasty treats.

In fact, she has admitted publicly that she’s pretty violent. So she’s either breaking down someone’s door or they’re breaking down her door. She usually doesn’t stop until she sees dents in the door. She also claims to have stolen credit cards and cars, and she says that she has no reason to lie about her misadventures.

There’s just one catch. You’ll probably get charged $10 for the one minute experience and if you don’t like it, expect to incur her wrath and those of her possy, and yes, that includes her bodyguard. She has one of those. So you might want to reconsider the whole thing before you actually approach her or it could get physical.

Besides her clothing line and her costly public appearances, some of which have gone for as much as $40,000, Danielle has received four offers from production companies to star in her own reality show and an additional three offers to appear in a scripted series. But she might also have a future as a rapper, if she can keep her temper in check.

She also talked about her experiences afterwards, which took her to stardom. A lot of the times she seemed like a very friendly girl who laughed quite a bit. But she stalked about being bullied in the past and how she was banned from Spirit Airlines after an altercation with a fellow passenger.

She claimed that her dad’s money plea was a joke and that he’s simply trying to ride her “coattails” to fame and fortune. So she sent her estranged dad a clear message, “you have zero business trying to get into my business!”

Remember how we mentioned her little issue with Spirit Airline? Well, just last month, she socked a bellow airline passenger in the head for grabbing her mom. Fortunately, the air Marshall aboard decided not to arrest her, but she was kicked off the plane.

Besides, can you actually blame her for trying to cash in on the fame while she’s still relevant? Granted, it may not be the best way to climb the ladder towards fame and fortune, but she’s well on her way, and there’s still plenty of time for her to turn her life around.

After all, she seemed to have been a nice little girl not so long ago, and not only did she love her mom, but she helped her get through a really rough patch financially and health-wise. So is it possible that the sweet little girl is still in there somewhere? Her mom sure hopes so.

But it may be too late to save his wayward daughter Danielle. Then again, she might not need saving. In a world, where women are still fighting to be respected for their strength and perseverance, it looks like she’s doing just fine at 13.

Think about it! Her fame is thanks to her initial debut on the popular talk show, but is Danielle the least bit grateful for that? Uh, no. She told Dr. Phil on her second appearance in February that “you were nothin’ before I came on this show.”