Giant Dinosaur Cat House Will Satisfy Your Kitten’s Love Of Adventure.

Giant Dinosaur Cat House Will Satisfy Your Kitten’s Love Of Adventure. December 8, 2018

One man’s trash could be another man’s treasure—or in this case, a cat’s. For many of us, cardboard boxes usually mean that we’re moving or collecting junk. But cats treat cardboard boxes like a treasure trove. “Cats are ambush predators, and boxes provide great hiding places to stalk prey from (and retreat to),” says Wired. And there’s more. Researchers say that cats find comfort and safety in enclosed spaces. If they’re feeling anxious or stressed out, a cardboard box can offer them some comfort and a space to disappear off to. Boxes aren’t the only preferred escapes for kitties. You may come home and find your furry friend in a shoe, a cupboard, or some other strange place. For cats, strange is normal. And if they’re really lucky, they might have a gigantic playhouse, like Dinni, who has his own personal ark for hiding and exploring. Take a look at some photos of the impressive project below by the creators of and let us know what you think.And it’s a cardboard box for their cat, Dinni! “I do the cardboard stuff, Natalia takes great photos especially of our cat,” Sam writes on their page. “We plan to make more things to enrich our cats’ life, eventually I want to make some homemade cat food and of course more cat houses.”

If you’ve got some extra cardboard from a recent purchase or just happen to save everything, try surprising your cat with an awesome house.

For Dinni, that means extra storage for his toys (or hiding places). It’s like the childhood castle you’ve always dreamed of but never got. What great parents!

On YouTube, Sam wrote, “I kind of changed [the plan] halfway through.” So even if you’re not the best planner, you can still craft something special.

Sam designed the cat tower with moving parts to give Dinni alternative movement. It was assembled with cardboard and a hot glue gun, proving that you don’t need to get fancy to be a maker.

**Check out this video of Dinni and the prefabcat Cat Ark below.**