Everything You Need To Know About Your Cat's Behavior.

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There's a reason why they like shaking their booties too.

Cats are so unusual in their behavior, aren't they? And although other pets are easier to predict, like a dog, turtle, or even a hamster, cats completely defy our explanation. In fact, they seem to be a part of life's many mysteries. But we may be one step closer to deciphering their body language and enigmatic behavior.It turns out that men my might be from Mars and women might be from Venus, but your cat seems to be from a completely different planet if he's doing this. Maybe you should invest in an EM shield.

We see them rolling, they hating!

Switch to cat food if your kitty starts doing this, bwcause it doesn't seem like Asian cuisine agrees with them at all, and there's no such thing as kitty TUMS.

Your cat might love the wilderness but he also wants to be on fleek.

Some might say squinting is a good sign. Others might say that they're giving you the stink eye. But whether it's one of those two reasons, or they need a new pair of sunglasses, you better do it fast, or they'll scratch your eyes out.

Butt up in the air, they love to shake it around like they just don't care.

When your cat raises its butt like that, it's either trying to make some new friends, telling you to kiss it, or they're just really super proud of their clean behind.

If your cat is sleeping in a circle, certain doom awaits closely.

Cats get time better than Doctor Who. So when you see a cat sleeping like this, you better make peace with everyone you've wronged, cause it's about to get heavy.

Who told you cats were talentless creatures?

Ever notice how your cat keeps acting like its kneading dough? Well it looks like you have your next potential Masterchef in your home. Who knew? But what a lifesaver, cause your cooking sucks.

Yeah well, cats kneading your stomach is not a sign of love.

When you don't get your cat's subtle hints, it looks for other ways to get you to understand what it is they want. Otherwise, they might just be sitting like this cause they're totally disgruntled with you.

Cats sit in a position that makes them look as if they were about to lay an egg.

It might also be checking to make sure you bathed them right. But since they hate the water, the possibility that they might be telling you they want to try their hand in music makes more sense.

Cats aren't as innocent as they seem...

In fact, they're very sneaky and know how to manipulate you. So when they're showing off they're belly, they're really suckering you in for an attack or getting you to feed them.

Silly humans have 5 senses, cats? You'd be surprised!

Uh, oh! Looks like cats really do have sight beyond sight. So, if they're doing this and the room has suddenly gotten colder, chances are you have a poltergeist.

If it fits, it sits, and if it's warm, they'll make it their new bed.

So maybe your kitty is looking for a new bed, but it most likely just wants to become a globe trotter and would prefer to do it alone, as in, you're not invited.

They're quite the wrestlers, but something's brewing underneath their aggressive tendencies.

Cats can sense things we can't. So, if your cat starts hugging and biting your arm, chances are it's trying to save you from going boom!

Some cats are totally comfortable with their age, while others are looking at sportscar catalogs.

Sure, he might be a cat. But you have no idea what species he must have been in his past life. Maybe he was a bird who loved to fly and is having a tough time accepting that he's an earthbound cat.

A cat born in the wrong body? Or is this just a phase?

Your cat has become worse than your mom. It's monitoring everything you're doing online and now it's trying to tell you that it's time to let go of the past and move on.

Cats have the ability to travel in time, so next time Fluffy goes missing, just remember he might be stuck in 1925.

Oh, where could your cat have gone? Well, maybe he's run off to hunt, explore, or maybe save the timeline from unraveling in on itself. Ever think of that, Einstein?

Cats also throw temper tantrums, so don't be scared if it hisses at you every now and then.

When you have a hissy fit, you throw a tantrum. But when cats hiss, they-re either expressing anger, or they feel threatened by someone or something.

If he nibbles on you, sniffs you, and finds excuses to be near you, there's a lovely explanation for it.

If your kitty tends to sniff you more than a dog does, it's because it's totally in love with your scent. So, go ahead and let your cat take a good whiff of you. It'll help you two bond more.

Your kitty loves to rub against all of your belongings. What's mine is yours, right? Actually, it might be!

When cats rub up against something, whether it's a piece of furniture or you, they're trying to mark their territory in a different way. By leaving their scent on things, they're letting the world know that you belong to them.

Cats usually cover their poo really well, but if kitty isn't doing it anymore, he might be hella pissed.

One of the reasons we love cats is that they clean after themselves. So, why did your kitty forget to cover up their poop? Uh, chances are that they're really angry at you, so you better apologize fast.

In all seriousness, if you catch your cat nibbling on their nails, there's a reason why they're doing it.

Cats tend to nibble on their nails the way humans do when they're super nervous. Then again, maybe it's their way of hinting that they need a serious manicure.

Cats are lazy, most of the time, but did you know they have the ability to outrun you?

Did you know that your cat can fun super fast? You wouldn't stand a chance in a foot race since they can go up to 31 miles an hour. So when they jump off the couch, the just have too much energy and need to release it.

When your cat is spread like a rotisserie chicken, its trying to lure you in.

Next time you see your kitty with its legs spread out, don't worry. Your cat's not in heat. She's simply trying to chillax and feels totally comfy in her surroundings.

If your cat's ears are twitching a lot, it's time for you to give Mr. Fluffy Pants some space.

If your cat starts doing this, you better back off. Ear twitching is often a sign that they're feeling really irritated or they're anxious. So, whatever you're doing, stop it.

If your cat's ears start pointing up, they might be more into gossip than you are!

When your cat's ears get all pointy like Mr. Spock, then it means that something has caught their attention and they're straining to listen. So, keep an eye out, cause they also love snoop around and gossip.

When you hear a little meow coming your way, it's not a sign that they're hungry.

When a cat meows softly and tenderly, it's there way of saying hi there and hello. If your body language is welcoming, they'll likely rub up against you or jump on your lap.