Cat Cuddles Cellphone When He Sees His Companion Who Died Years Ago.

Cat Cuddles Cellphone When He Sees His Companion Who Died Years Ago. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

Unlike dogs, cats won’t run up to the door when they hear you come in. Indeed, they might, but it’s most likely so they can run out of the house. In fact, some people would say cats are only affectionate when they want something. They’ll cuddle for sure, but only because they’re hungry, right? Wrong. Cats have huge hearts, but they’re so busy being dominant that they don’t always show it. However, cats are capable of a wide array of emotions like anger, anxiety, fear, and oh yes, grief! Just ask this kitty who got extremely emotional when she saw the photo of her owner, whom she lost years ago.Cats aren’t human. They won’t react to situations the same way we do. It’s why we often don’t realize that pets are capable of feeling. But while their reaction may be different, they certainly have the same feelings we do, especially when it comes to those they care about.

When an owner passes away rather suddenly, their human family aren’t the only ones who feel their absence. This feline had a heartbreaking reaction while watching a video of her dearly departed owner.

Nothing could distract her from the footage she was seeing. Then, she did something that was truly adorable. She started cuddling next to the phone. It was like she was hoping to get affection back from the one who had left her so long ago.

The cat had clearly formed a powerful connection with her human. And if this proved anything it was that animals are capable of experiencing grief. That much was clear given the way she was mourning the one who took care of her.

They’re also capable of longing for us when we’re gone. So next time you leave the house to go to work. Make sure you come back and give your cat some TLC because chances are, they’ve been missing you.

**Cats are far more attached than people realize. This video will cast all doubts that cats lack a range of emotions aside. Take a look for yourself, and grab some tissues, because this one’s a real tear-jerker.**

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