Bossy Cat Shuts Up A Yappy Pup… The ‘Translation’ Is Hilarious.

Bossy Cat Shuts Up A Yappy Pup… The ‘Translation’ Is Hilarious. February 28, 2018

You can’t find a better pair of opposites than the lounging cat, who thrives on independence and personal space, and the overly spastic dog, who thrives on attention. Even when they get along, these two animals are as different as night and day. With such contrast, however, you’re almost always guaranteed a good show! Those of us with both kinds of pets know this more than anyone. Comedian and YouTuber Chris Cohen posted a video featuring one of each of these furry little friends as they *really* go at it. A dog with a lisp opens the scene by yapping along about the postman and a cat pounces before him, shutting him up with an appropriately husky voice. Just wait until you discover why the cat needs some peace and quiet! If you’ve ever assumed the voice of your beloved pet (my household is guilty of this, too), you’ll definitely appreciate Cohen’s edits.