Cat ‘God’ Has Persuaded Chickens To Worship Him.

Cat ‘God’ Has Persuaded Chickens To Worship Him. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Everyone knows of a cat nearby that loves attention. Maybe it’s a neighbor or a friend or family member. One thing is certainly true about cats is that a lot of them just love any attention that they can get. Today you will meet Scruffles and he is King of the chicken world. He has a daily following of local chickens that stop by the glass door for a peak at him. He loves being the center of attention and has no problem putting on a show for his furry friends. Just like any other celebrity, Scruffles even has his own entourage to make sure that he gets the rest he needs!Scruffles isn’t your average every day cat. He has a large following that checks in on him each day, and he loves the attention!

Obviously he lives near a lot of chickens. He is friends with them and loves putting on a show for them. This is almost like a kitty porn peep show!

Scruffles takes it easy for most of the day. Once his chicken fans arrive though, it’s as if someone turned on the camera!

He has a few fans that are very close friends. This little guy likes to climb up on his back.

Scruffles certainly knows how to enjoy his life. Here he is with a very unusual friend.

Here you can see Scruffles showing his little buddy his big screen TV. He obviously has it tuned in to the chicken channel!

Once the door is opened up though the fans come streaming in. Scruffles has only one option to escape the mad fan crush: to play dead!

After the fans have been cleared out and the show is over, there is only one thing left for Scruffles to do. Of course he needs to take a nap!

The chickens just can’t get enough of Scruffles. They will sit there at the door for hours watching their favorite friend.

The chickens come back every single day to watch him. Having a loyal following is rough work for Scruffles and he gets tired out entertaining them!

Every celeb needs to have their body guards right? Scruffles is no different but he employs little chicks for the job and they love every minute of it!

When one goes to bed all they can hope for is a great view to fall asleep to. Scruffles has a different kind of view, but that doesn’t make it any less breathtaking!

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