Architects Created The Perfect Cat Furniture Made Of Cardboard Boxes.

Architects Created The Perfect Cat Furniture Made Of Cardboard Boxes. February 21, 2020

If you have a cat at home, than you know how curious and playful they can be. They run around the house jumping over hurdles, chasing their tails, and knocking cups off of dining room tables. It goes without saying that cats can be a bit too much at times. This company from Taiwan was inspired by their own cats to create the ultimate playhouse to keep your crazy felines entertained for hours.After experiencing life with their cats, Lily and Chacha, they realized they needed to create something to entertain their furry friends. They wanted it to be able to fit in any modern living room, but also be stylish and creative.

So they came up with their first series called Room Collection. All the cool cats are talking about what a good job they did.

All of the products and their packaging must be recyclable and the materials must all be non-toxic. Even the joints holding them together are recyclable!

Room Collection comes with four different shapes of boxes. This allows for hours of playtime in different mazes!

The can run, jump, and get lost in the different mazes their owners can create. It’s surely a dream for any curious kitten!

Because they use cardboard to hold the pieces together, there’s no need for any tools. The different pieces are also stackable, which is perfect for smaller spaces.

There aren’t any complicated instructions. You literally just click the pieces together and everything is ready for endless hours of fun!

By taking the concept behind prefab buildings and LEGOS they were able to come up with this brilliant idea.