A Siamese Cat Bonded With A Horse And Now They’re BFFs.

A Siamese Cat Bonded With A Horse And Now They’re BFFs. January 8, 2020

When you think of two animals that would make great friends, a horse and a cat simply don’t come to mind. But then again, that’s what happened when Comet, a five-year-old Connemara Pony, and Louis, a six-year-old Siamese cat met. The two have formed a bond that seems to go beyond friendship, or any other kind of ‘ship’ that we can define by our lowly human standards. So, as far as feline-equestrian friendship goes, these two really know what life is all about. It’s rare to see them apart, and their owner, horse trainer, Emma Massingale, is in awe of their unbelievable friendship.Louis eventually went into the stable where Emma looked after one of her horses, Comet. Little did she know that this would lead to the most amazing encounter, and friendship between two animals from different species.

Until now, the horse had never had a friend, at least, not quite like the one he discovered through Louis. At first, it was Emma who would ride on Comet’s back. Then she’d tap her leg and Louis would hop on too.

Emma claims that Louis doesn’t need a whole lot of encouragement to get on Comet’s back. It all starts with Louis just hanging out in the stables, and one jump later, Louis and Comet are ready to set off to their next adventure.

After she took him in from his original owner, who was a friend of Emma’s going through a bad breakup, Louis has been taking over everything in her life, including her horse, Comet, who seems quite happy with the arrangement too.

They actually love to go on mini adventures together and walk along a narrow path in the woods. It seems like these two have the perfect symbiotic relationship. One rides, while the other does all the walking.

Emma loved that her two favorite animals were getting along so well, so she took a video of the hike. Louis and Comet often enjoy a 10-mile walk from Emma’s home in Holsworthy, North Devon. Along the way, they’ll even cross a bridge and walk through a stream of water before heading right back home to the stable. And if Louis needs the horse to stop, he’ll even bite Comet’s mane so that he stops.

Fortunately, Louis doesn’t just have his BFF Comet. He also has Emma, another kitty sibling, and a doggy sibling to cuddle with while taking a catnap. Hey! Don’t judge him! Going horseback riding takes a lot out of you!